Number crunching: which county has the most motorcycle racers…

The growth of Kerry motorcycle racing has been staggering in recent years.

So far this year 16 different riders with a Kerry address have contested at least one round of the Dunlop Masters Irish Superbike Championship (or a least a championship test session).

Two or three years ago you would be lucky to have three or four racers representing the Kingdom.

But how do these figures stack up against the rest of country?

Kerry Motorsport News crunched the numbers.

Using the entry list for the August Masters’ meeting… but a few rules and exceptions did apply.

Sidecar racers are not included – it is usually only the drivers’ address that is listed but most of their passengers are from different counties so it would distort the figures

Several riders – 21 in total – did not declare their home county on the entry form or it was not published in the official programme. These were not counted either even in instances where the rider’s home county is known.

So here it is – the League of Irish Motorcycle racers per county – as per the August meeting’s entry list

Cork 20
Dublin 20
Meath 10
Cavan 8
Tipperary 8
Kilkenny 4
Laois 4
Down 3



Limerick 2
Louth 2
Offaly 2
Antrim 2
Armagh 1
Galway 1
Mayo 1
Roscommon 1

Kerry riders who have raced so far this season

1 Siobhan Ardener

2 Kevin Coyne

3 Darragh Crean

4 Frank Doherty

5 Maurice Fealey

6 John Griffin

7 Samantha Martin

8 Dylan McElligott

9 Tom McElligott

10 Anthony O’Carroll

11 Rob O’Connell

12 Dean O’Grady

13 Emmet O’Grady

14 Evan O’Grady

15 Jack O’Grady

16 Mike Sheeran

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