Siobhan Ardener takes time out to show the next generation the art of sidecar racing

Killarney sidecar racer Siobhan Ardener took time out of her busy schedule at the Dunlop Masters Irish Superbike Championship to show the next generation of motorcycle racers some behind the scenes activities at Mondello Park.

Siobhan is contesting this year’s sidecar championship as a passenger to Dubliner Fergus Woodlock.

The pair have several podium finishes to their name, so far this season.

Despite her busy schedule, on the last weekend in August she took time out to show the young members of Moyross Motorcross Club around her bike and the team’s garage at the County Kildare track.

Moyross Motorcross Club was set up by her friend Andy Meek, the same man that introduced Siobhan to motorsport and she wanted to give something back.

“These kids put their free time into learning and maintaining bikes – kind of keeping them off the streets really. It gives the youngsters the tools and skills to further their interests,”

She told Kerry Motorsport News

“I met Andy years ago when i had my Suzuki SV 65O when I used to spend every free minute I had out for bike spins.

“I always remember him on his R1 being the fastest of the group,  and one day  I asked him how to keep up on the bike, He told me to look up Mondello Park and start doing track days…the rest is history.

“So I owe Andy a lot because i certainly wouldn’t be racing if it wasn’t for him. And to be able to give something back to the group he set up was so, so rewarding.

“Listening to the youngsters, hearing their stories and questions and also sharing my experiences, It was just a really special day for me that I will always remember.

“These youngsters are the stars of the future so we need to include and encourage them.

“There are a lot of initiatives set up focusing on youth involvement in motorsport like the Moyross Motorcross. One of the more recent highlights being the FIM Mini GP series at Mondello Park.

“This class provides a platform for the kids to realise their potential at a young age, as well as allowing them opportunities which they may not have thought were possible.

“It’s incredibly exciting seeing these sort of initiatives being set up focusing directly on youth in motorsport.

The youngsters also visited Emmet O’Grady’s TAG Honda Superbike Garage


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