Huge media boost for motorcycle sport in Kerry

Huge media boost for motorcycle sport in Kerry

Motorcycle racing in Kerry is set to receive a huge boost thanks to The Kerryman newspaper who have promised a weekly column dedicated to the sport.

Up to 20 Kerry-based motorcycle racers are preparing to contest the Dunlop Irish Masters Championship at Mondello Park which gets under way in late June.

Other local racers are committed to events in Ulster including road racing while internationally at least one Kerry rider will race in a British Superbike Championship support series and there are several local based riders involved in the motorcycle racing scene in Australia.

In the shops every Wednesday

With this is mind, The Kerryman newspaper will dedicate valuable column inches to the sport this season but will review in a few months to ensure “we are getting enough of traction out of it.”

The column will be supplied by Kerry Motorsport News alongside the regular column dedicated to four-wheel motorsport.

“This is a great opportunity for those involved in the sport, we so often hear that our sport is not getting coverage but here is the chance they have all been waiting for,” said A Kerry Motorsport News spokesperson. “But it works both ways so local racers need to support The Kerryman too by buying the paper every week and supporting the weekly in other ways too.”

The first column is published today but to see what is on offer you will have to pick up your own copy –  and don’t cheat by taking a photo of the article and posting it on social media – this is a pet hate for journalists and it is not doing the media outlet any favours  in terms of sales – remember The Kerryman is doing you the favour by dedicating space to the sport so return it by buying the paper.

“If you don’t support The Kerryman, don’t be giving out in a few months that they decided to stop this, “ added the Kerry Motorsport News spokesperson.


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