Update – Boy Racers Garda Operation in Killarney


As part of the Rally of the Lakes policing operation, a Garda Public Service Vehicle Inspector carried out inspections of six cars at Castleisland Garda Station earlier this month. 

While most of the cars were compliant, one driver received a fixed charge notice as the car had severely worn front tyres.  

Other offences that were rectified were in relation to excessive noise from exhausts, tinted windows that severely limited the driver’s vision, and modified suspensions.  

Gardaí are always available to discuss road safety with anyone, particularly those who are thinking of modifying their car. This is to ensure they are compliant with road traffic legislation.  

Following reports from local residents of cars gathering late at night, Gardaí from Killarney Roads Policing Unit, assisted by uniform Gardaí and a trained Garda Public Vehicle Inspector, set up an operation targeting drivers who congregate and drive dangerously on the roads.  

The operation also coincided with a Garda operation for the postponed Rally of the Lakes event.  

As part of the operation a number of checkpoints were established in the area. During the course of the operation Gardaí issued a number of fines for road traffic offences and for breaches of the Heath Act 1947. A number of cars have also been scheduled to attend Castleisland Garda Station for a full vehicle inspection for possible breaches of the Road Traffic Act.  

Superintendent Flor Murphy said “Ensuring road safety is, and always will be, a key priority for An Garda Síochána. There a personal responsibility for everyone who gets behind the wheel of a car. I have said it before, anyone who is caught driving dangerously, particularly people who meet up with the sole aim of performing dangerous manoeuvres in cars on the roads, will be dealt with under the full weight of the law.”


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