Thanks to our supporters – here is to the future  – with a special gift to our subscribers 

Thanks to our supporters – here is to the future  – with a special gift to our subscribers 

Kerry Motorsport News is unique. It is the only county dedicated motorsport news website in the country – nothing can take that from us and even if other follow, Kerry was the first county to do this. 

It would not have been possible without the support of our subscribers and we want to thank all of you that have supported the venture so far. 

It is no secret – Kerry Motorsport News will be going behind a paywall very soon. 

Here is the deal – all of you that have paid the full membership will be given a life subscription once the website goes pay-per-view.

And here is another deal, those of you who subscribe before we switch over will be added to that lifetime list. 

We are joining the vast majority of newspapers and online sites.

The time alone that goes into this site is impossible to quantify as well as other costs and future investment. 

We are looking forward to a return to normality and by then this website will really come into its own. 

As it stands, we publish at least one news story every day of the week – and that is in the middle of a pandemic.  And every one of our stories has a direct or indirect Kerry connection. 

So far this year we have covered:  The World Rally Championship, the F1 Season launch, the American Rally Championship, the Italian Rally Championship, British Superbikes, Kerry Motorsport history and much, much more. 

Can you imagine how busy it is going to be when life gets back to normal…

If you are going to set up a news website – make sure it is niche – Kerry. Motor. Sport. News. – it doesn’t get much more niche than that. 

And to each of the site visitors (the majority returnees) thank you so much for tuning in over the last 15 months or so… you are all part of that niche. To support Kerry  Motorsport News, click on the PayPal link below and remember €50 supporters get free life membership…offer open until the paywall arrives! 


Become an official Kerry Motorsport News supporter

Here is your chance to become a supporter of Kerry Motorsport News Keep this important service – (the only county dedicated motorsport news site in Ireland) – on the air. Only €5.00 per month or €50 for a full year (12 months) Just select 1 or 10 in the dropdown menu below – thank you!


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