Kerry-based Motorsport raffle website to launch on Friday

Kerry-based Motorsport raffle website to launch on Friday 

A new motorsport raffle website is set to launch in Kerry on Friday. 

The platform will offer motorsport themed prizes like trips to Grand Prix Races and even the chance to drive a rally car on a rally-sprint style event. 

It has been set up by Caragh Lake-based Birmingham man Colin Fisher. 

He has been living in the area for the last 20 years and has entered the Rally of the Lakes on a few occasions.

He had plans on returning to the sport last year until the pandemic got in the way and purchased a Citroen C2 rally car. Fisher did get to use the car on some behind-closed-doors events last year and it is the use of this car on a similar event that will be up for raffle once the competition is launched fully on Friday. 

Merchandise, race tickets and a host of other motorsport related goods and services will all be up for offer once the site launches. 

“The website highlights our rally and motorsport services but also our new competitions platform, It’s aimed specifically at the motorsports community, club members and competitors,” he told Kerry Motorsport News. 

“As we are all aware it is a difficult period currently, but before the current issues our sport was always difficult with the costs involved. I have experienced this myself, like most I had to take an enforced sabbatical from the sport due to costs involved.” 

“We will be a niche competitions site aimed at the motorsport community, competitors and club

members, I understand this limits our market but we will cater for people that are into motorsport or would be looking to get involved or just wanting an experience.”

Fisher is also open to offering arrive and drive packages for the Citroen and his Ford Fiesta.

More details will be published on on Friday. 

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