Moll’s Gap goes digital in new rally simulator video game – watch a testing video here

Moll’s Gap goes digital in new rally simulator video game

This article was previously published in the Killarney Advertiser. Kerry Motorsport News is the motorsport content provider for the Killarney Advertiser.

The Moll’s Gap road – famous as a stage in the Rally of the Lakes and the old Circuit of Ireland Rally – has been digitally mastered into a video game and will be made available to gaming and rally fans all over the world.

Niall Maher testing Moll’s Gap on the Assetto Corsa Competizione platform

The 18km stage, which runs from the Dinis Cottage entrance to the National Park almost to Kenmare, is the most famous rally road in Ireland. The road, that climbs up past Ladies View and along the shores of Muckross Lake, the Upper Lake and Looscaunagh Lough, is both loved and revered by rally drivers from all over the world.

The digital adaption of the famous road has been made possible by Kildare-based Digital-Motorsports – the same firm that digitally mastered Mondello Park as part of the circuit’s 50th anniversary in 2018.

A virtual reality Ford Fiesta WRC on Moll’s Gap

Company co-founder Niall Maher explained to the Killarney Advertiser how he gathered data from several sources including on-board videos of previous rallies, Ordnance Survey maps, Goggle Maps data, and GPS taken from rally cars and timing trackers.

“Once we did Mondello, there was only one other next step, and that was Moll’s Gap,” he told the Killarney Advertiser.

Watch a real life test here:

“The way the world is going now, we are hoping to open it up to a whole generation that might never have been to the ‘Gap’ before.”

Who can identify this location on the Moll’s Gap stage

The video game is suitable for the Assetto Corse platform, a racing simulator that is popular with professional racing drivers who want to learn various tracks.

“Anyone who is serious into their racing simulation will know that [Assetto Corsa Competizioneas] as a gaming title,” added Maher.

Adding the finer details

In time it will be made available on the Richard Burns RBR Rally Pro platform making the simulation more accessible to gaming and rally fans all over the world.

The final product is not quite finished and while the road and undulations are as close as possible to realistic, some fine tuning by rally drivers familiar with the stage are needed.

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Once that is completed the developers will add what they call street furniture and landmarks like Derrycunnihy Church and it’s expected to be officially launched in mid- April.

Find out more – click here

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