Aston Martin F1 Pre-Season Testing: Bahrain Day Three – Kerry Engineer trackside

In Numbers

Lance Stroll

Laps Completed: 80

Distance Covered: 432 kilometres

Best Time: 1:36.100

Position: P18

Sebastian Vettel 

Laps Completed: 56

Distance Covered: 303 kilometres

Best Time: 1:35.041

Position: P17

Running Total – Test 03

Laps Completed: 136

Distance Covered: 735 kilometres

Lance Stroll

“I’m very happy with today’s work. We ran to our programme and collected lots of useful data by doing race simulations and long runs. We completed our job list for the day, which is a really good way to end the test after we lost out on a bit of running yesterday. We’ve got plenty of data to go over now to improve our understanding of the car, so that’s a nice position to be in – especially considering there were only three days of testing this year. I’m looking forward to starting the season here in Bahrain. We can go away now and make more improvements before we come back for the race.”

Sebastian Vettel

“We got plenty of laps on the board today, despite an early finish [caused by a loss of boost pressure]. Lance did a good amount of laps this morning too, so there’s a lot of data for us to work with. My running today was very useful and the track conditions were better, so that was a big help in understanding this car. This test has definitely helped me learn where I can improve as a driver with the car and where the team can improve the AMR21 too. It’s been a good learning curve and I’m excited to keep progressing with the car. I’m looking forward to racing here in Bahrain in two weeks.”

Otmar Szafnauer, CEO & Team Principal

“A pretty busy week where we learned a huge amount despite a few challenges here and there – including a sandstorm on Friday. Between them, Lance and Sebastian covered a total of 314 laps this week and we’ve now got a vast amount of data to digest before we come back here for the race. We lost a bit of track time with some technical issues over the weekend, especially for Sebastian yesterday, but that’s one of the reasons why we go testing. One of the main tasks this week was to continue helping Sebastian settle into the team and we’ve made a lot of progress already. Lance was able to conduct our programme as planned this morning, gaining some useful data on the long runs, race simulations and shorter runs too. It leaves us well placed to come back here for the race later this month.”


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