Aston Martin Formula 1 Pre-Season Testing: Bahrain, Day Two:Kerry F1 engineer trackside

2021 Formula 1 Pre-Season Testing: Bahrain, Day Two

Kerry F1 engineer trackside 

In Numbers

Sebastian Vettel

Laps Completed: 10

Distance Covered: 54 kilometres

Best Time: 1:38.849

Position: P16

Lance Stroll 

Laps Completed: 71

Distance Covered: 378 kilometres

Best Time: 1:30.460

Position: P03

Running Total – Test 02

Laps Completed: 81

Distance Covered: 437 kilometres


Sebastian Vettel

“It was not such a busy day for me. We experienced a gearbox issue quite early on and that kept the car in the garage. The guys did a great job to quickly fit a new gearbox and we got back out just before the end of the morning session. Doing so few laps today wasn’t ideal because there is just one more day of testing before we come back here for the race and I am still learning about this new car. Fortunately, things went a bit better this afternoon for Lance giving us some important information. Hopefully, we can have a more straightforward day tomorrow.”

Lance Stroll

“Overall a very positive afternoon after a difficult morning for Sebastian where some technical issues limited our running. Track conditions were not so easy – it was still quite windy, but even in those conditions it felt great to be back driving and getting lots of laps under my belt. The afternoon programme went to plan: we completed the main jobs and ticked off the test items. There’s still lots to catch up on tomorrow, but I’m feeling pretty pleased with a solid afternoon.”


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