Mark your diaries – calendar of motorsport events in Ireland for 2023

January 01-Jan Munster Charity Run

January 07-Jan MEC Freeman Cup Sporting Trial

January 14-Jan 22 Forestry Prizegiving Prizegiving
January 14-Jan 15-Jan Monaghan Navigation Trial

January 21-Jan Carlow Sporting Trial
January 21-Jan 22-Jan Cork Startrek Navigation Trial

January 28-Jan ALMC Endurance Trial* *alt date 4 Feb
January 29-Jan TDC Dave Griffin Memorial MVAT

February 04-Feb MEC Jenkins Cup Sporting Trial
February 04-Feb 05-Feb Galway International Rally TROA
February 06-Feb Bank Holiday

February 11-Feb 12-Feb Skibbereen 100 Isles Navigation Trial
February 18-Feb 19-Feb Midland Navigation Trial 2022 event – Nav Commission to advise
February 18-Feb Leinster Lincoln & Nolan Sporting Trial
February 18-Feb North Armagh Stages Rally (NI)
February 19-Feb Killarney Forestry Rally

February 25-Feb Omagh Forestry Rally (NI)
February 25-Feb 26-Feb Cavan Navigation Trial
February 26-Feb Skibbereen Autocross

March 04-Mar North Ulster Sprint (NI)
March 04-Mar MEC Three Rock Sporting Trial
March 04-Mar 05-Mar Mondello Rallycross
March 05-Mar Midland Stages Rally

March 11-Mar Rathfriland Single Venue Rally (NI)
March 11-Mar 12-Mar Monaghan Navigation Trial
March 12-Mar Laois Autotest
March 12-Mar Mayo Marshalls Appreciation Day Marshalls Appreciation Day
March 12-Mar Westmeath Hillclimb Non Championship

March 17-Mar Bank Holiday
March 18-Mar Leinster Healy Cup Sporting Trial
March 18-Mar 19-Mar Cork International Rally TROA
March 19-Mar TDC Clubman Autotest

March 25-Mar 500 MRCI Race Meeting (NI)
March 25-Mar 26-Mar Galway Hillclimb
March 25-Mar 26-Mar Donegal Navigation Trial
March 26-Mar Limerick Autocross LS

April 01-Apr NUCC Sprint (NI)
April 01-Apr MEC Devereux Sporting Trial
April 01-Apr 02-Apr Limerick Autotest
April 02-Apr Kart Commission Kart Race Meeting
April 02-Apr Kerry Stages Rally

April 07-Apr 08-Apr UAC Stages Rally (NI)
April 09-Apr Clare Autocross (Loose)
April 10-Apr Bank Holiday

April 15-Apr TSCC Hillclimb (NI)
April 15-Apr Munster Forestry Rally Moonraker
April 16-Apr Limerick Autocross (Grass)
April 15-Apr 16-Apr Carrick Hillclimb Championship
April 15-Apr 16-Apr Mondello Race Meeting
April 16-Apr TDC MVAT

April 22-Apr Maiden City Single Venue Rally (NI)
April 23-Apr Mayo Autocross LS
April 22-Apr 23-Apr Carlow Sporting Trial
April 22-Apr 23-Apr Birr Autotest
April 23-Apr MRCCI Midget Car Race
April 23-Apr Monaghan Peddle Car Race (Charity event)

April 29-Apr UAC Hillclimb (NI)
April 29-Apr 30-Apr Killarney International Rally TROA
May 01-May Enniskillen Single Venue Rally (NI)
May 01-May Bank Holiday

May 06-May 07-May Wexford Hillclimb Championship
May 06-May 07-May BADMC Race Meeting (NI)
May 07-May TDC Production Car Trial
May 07-May Kart Commission Kart Race Meeting
May 07-May GSMC Autocross (Grass) Championship

May 13-May 14-May Skibbereen Autotest
May 14-May MRCCI Midget Car Race
May 14-May Tipperary Forestry Rally
May 14-May Connacht MVAT
May 14-May IMRC Production Car Trial (pre 1958 cars)

May 20-May Magherafelt Stages Rally (NI)
May 21-May Limerick Rallysprint* *in aid of belevolent fund – LS only Not Approved
May 21-May Mayo Autocross LS Maybe Autocross – subject to Rallies Commission Approval

May 27-May Omagh Hillclimb (NI)
May 27-May 500 MRCI Race Meeting (NI)
May 28-May Cavan Stages Rally
May 28-May Munster Autocross LS

June 03-Jun 04-Jun Mondello Rallycross
June 04-Jun MRCCI Midget Car Race
June 04-Jun Laois Mini Stages Rally
June 04-Jun Kart Commission Kart Race Meeting
June 04-Jun Carrick Autocross Grass
June 05-Jun Bank Holiday

June 09-Jun TDC Clubman Autotest
June 10-Jun TSCC Hillclimb (NI)
June 10-Jun Cookstown Stages Rally (NI)
June 10-Jun 11-Jun Clare Hillclimb
June 10-Jun 11-Jun Mondello Race Meeting
June 11-Jun Mayo Autocross LS
June 11-Jun Wexford Rallysprint LS
June 11-Jun Monaghan Endurance Trial

June 16-Jun 18-Jun Donegal International Rally TROA
June 17-Jun Tipperary V&V Run

June 21-Jun MEC Production Car Trial

June 23-Jun 24-Jun Larne Hillclimb (NI)
June 23-Jun 24-Jun 500 MRCI Race Meeting (NI)
June 25-Jun Midland Autocross (Loose)
June 25-Jun Carlow Rallysprint LS Approved
June 25-Jun Leinster V&V Run

July 01-Jul North Armagh Stages Rally (NI)
July 02-Jul Galway Autocross (Grass)
July 01-Jul 02-Jul Skibbereen Autotest
July 02-Jul Carrick Stages Rally
July 02-Jul MRCCI Midget Car Race
July 02-Jul Monaghan Static Car Show

July 08-Jul Enniskillen Rally Time Trial (NI)
July 08-Jul 09-Jul Mondello Race Meeting
July 08-Jul 09-Jul MEC Sprint Closed Road
July 09-Jul Kart Commission Kart Race Meeting
July 09-Jul Cork Autocross (Loose)

July 15-Jul Munster V&V Run
July 15-Jul 16-Jul Kerry Sprint/Hillclimb
July 16-Jul Connacht Stages Rally
July 16-Jul Birr MVAT

July 19-Jul TDC Production Car Trial

July 22-Jul Ballynahinch Stages Rally (NI)
July 23-Jul MRCCI Midget Car Race
July 23-Jul Mayo Economy Run
July 23-Jul Imokilly Mini Stages Rally
July 23-Jul Clare Autocross (Loose)

July 29-Jul 500 MRCI Race Meeting (NI)
July 30-Jul Wexford Autocross (Loose)
July 30-Jul Killarney Autotest

August 04-Aug 06-Aug Munster International Rally TROA
August 05-Aug Maiden City Single Venue Rally (NI)
August 05-Aug 06-Aug Limerick Hillclimb Championship
August 06-Aug Midland Autocross (Grass)
August 07-Aug Birr Car Treasure Hunt
August 07-Aug Bank Holiday

August 12-Aug Mid Antrim Hillclimb (NI)
August 12-Aug 13-Aug Mondello Race Meeting
August 12-Aug 13-Aug MRCCI Midget Car Race
August 13-Aug Kart Commission Kart Race Meeting
August 13-Aug ALMC Stages Rally
August 13-Aug Skibbereen Autocross* LS

August 18-Aug 19-Aug NIMC Stages Rally (NI)
August 19-Aug 20-Aug Tipperary Hillclimb Championship
August 20-Aug Mayo MVAT
August 20-Aug Cork Forestry Rally

August 25-Aug 26-Aug 500 MRCI Race Meeting (NI)
August 26-Aug Maiden City Hillclimb (NI)
August 27-Aug Carrick Rallysprint
August 27-Aug TDC MVAT
August 27-Aug GSMC Autocross (Loose)
August 27-Aug ALMC Static Car Show
August 27-Aug Magherafelt Stages Rally (NI)

September 02-Sep Enniskillen Forestry Rally (NI)
September 02-Sep 03-Sep Donegal Hillclimb Championship
September 02-Sep 03-Sep Munster Autotest
September 03-Sep Birr Autocross (Grass)
September 03-Sep MRCCI Midget Car Race
September 03-Sep Cavan MVAT
September 03-Sep Kart Commission Kart Race Meeting

September 09-Sep UAC Hillclimb (NI)
September 09-Sep 10-Sep Mondello Race Meeting
September 09-Sep 10-Sep Wexford Stages Rally
September 10-Sep IMRC Production Car Trial (pre 1958 cars)
September 10-Sep Mayo Autocross LS

September 16-Sep Omagh Forestry Rally (NI)
September 16-Sep MEC Rhodes Cup Sporting Trial
September 16-Sep 17-Sep Connacht Hillclimb Championship
September 17-Sep Cavan Autocross (Loose)
September 17-Sep Imokilly Autocross Grass
September 17-Sep Galway MVAT
September 17-Sep Skibbereen Economy Run

September 24-Sep MRCCI Midget Car Race
September 24-Sep Clare Stages Rally

September 30-Sep 500 MRCI Race Meeting (NI)
September 30-Sep TDC Millard Cup Sporting Trial
September 30-Sep 01-Oct Monaghan Navigation Trial
September 30-Sep GSMC Hillclimb
October 01-Oct Birr Endurance Trial
October 01-Oct Kart Commission Kart Race Meeting

October 08-Oct Carrick Forestry Rally

October 14-Oct MEC Noonan Cup Sporting Trial
October 14-Oct 15-Oct Cork 1000 Shakes Navigation Trial
October 14-Oct 15-Oct Mondello Race Meeting
October 15-Oct TDC Clubman Autotest
October 15-Oct Clare Autocross (Loose)

October 21-Oct Magherafelt Forestry Rally (NI)
October 21-Oct 500 MRCI Race Meeting (NI)
October 21-Oct TROA Prizegiving Prizegiving
October 21-Oct Laois Rallysprint LS
October 22-Oct Mayo MVAT
October 22-Oct Cavan Autocross (Loose)

October 28-Oct Carlow Sporting Trial
October 29-Oct Skibbereen Stages Rally
October 29-Oct Westmeath Autocross (Loose)
October 30-Oct Bank Holiday

November 04-Nov Motorsport Irl Congress
November 04-Nov 23 Border Prizegiving Prizegiving
November 05-Nov Birr Autocross (Loose)
November 05-Nov Mondello Race Meeting

November 11-Nov Leinster GVB Cup Sporting Trial
November 12-Nov ALMC Autotest
November 11-Nov 12-Nov Monaghan Drumlin Navigation Trial

November 18-Nov 23 Vard Prizegiving Prizegiving
November 18-Nov 19-Nov Mondello Rallycross
November 19-Nov TDC Howard Wilde Memorial Autotest
November 19-Nov Cavan Autocross (Loose)

November 25-Nov MEC Kilkenny Cup Sporting Trial
November 25-Nov 25-Nov Skibbereen Carbery Navigation Trial

December 02-Dec Killarney Historic Rally
December 02-Dec 03-Dec Midland Navigation Trial

December 09-Dec Wexford Sporting Trial
December 09-Dec 10-Dec Limerick Navigation Trial

December 27-Dec Carlow Rallysprint
December 27-Dec TDC MVAT
December 28-Dec Cavan Autocross (Loose)
December 25-Dec Bank Holiday
December 26-Dec Bank Holiday
December 28-Dec Leinster LeFanu Brabazon Cup Sporting Trial
December 29-Dec Cork Rallysprint
December 29-Dec Maiden City Single Venue Rally (NI)
December 31-Dec Birr Autotest


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