The Kerry connection to an F1 Grand Prix Team’s Christmas Party!

 The Kerry connection to an F1 Grand Prix team’s Christmas party

Regular readers know that Kerry Motorsport News loves to find a Kerry connection to motorsport happenings all over the world.

But even by our standards, it is going to be hard to top this one.

The BWT Alpine Formula One team is hosting its Christmas Part on a yet-to-be-announced date.

The team is currently home to drivers like former World Champion Fernando Alonso and F1 race winner Estaban Ocon.

The team have asked Killarney singer and entertainer Jack Patrick Healy to perform at the party.

Jack Patrick, son of the Singing Jarvey from the Gap of Dunloe, is best known for his performances in the residents’ bar in the Killarney Grand.

He has been living and playing in London for the last four or five years.  

At the Christmas party he will play the grand piano while dressed in Alpine racing gear!

As a wise man once said: “There is always a Kerry connection” and Kerry Motorsport News prides itself on bringing you obscure Kerry motorsport connections from all over the world…it will be hard to beat this one!

Hat tip to Shane Buckley for the prompt on this one

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