Reports of car hire shortage in Salou!

There are reports of car hire shortages at Reus Airport.

A large number of Kerry fans are heading to Salou this weekend for the penultimate round of the World Rally Championship.

Rally Spain will be Paul Nagle’s last rally in the WRC and the large group of Kerry people will be joined 100s mores from all over the country who are taking advantage of Ryanair flights from Cork, Dublin and Shannon.

However, there won’t be enough hire cars available when they arrive at Reus.

So Kerry fans and others who are working on the rally have arrived in Salou already.

One, who is working for a WRC2 team, arrived last Saturday. He was told on Thursday last that pre-booked car would not be available and for him to make alternative arrangements.

Another who arrived on Tuesday was also told a pre-booked car would not be available for pick up until 2pm on Wednesday.

“We had to pay 50 in taxis to get down into Salou and go back [to Reus ] tomorrow,” he told Kerry Motorsport News.

Seemingly, the main issue is that head office in Barcelona cannot supply enough cars to Reus.

An email circulated to customers and seen by Kerry Motorsport News said.

“We are contacting you due to the fact we do not have the possibility of having a car at 16.30 [Tuesday]. We regret the situation because we have had logistical problems and will only have cars available tomorrow [Wednesday]

“There were more people left stranded [at Reus] – not happy” added the Kerry supporter in Salou.

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