BLOG: Safari Rally – a day in the wild and a road trip to Naivasha

Rally organisers issued the following advice and it was taken up on Saturday.

“Kenya is home to the big five and it would be such a sad story for one to come to Kenya

and not take time to go see them. It is even a sadder state of affairs if you are Kenyan and have never taken time to go see what others travel air-miles to see.”

So four Irish rally men, Craig Breen, Sean Hassett, Andrew Fanning and Sean Moriarty visited Nairobi National Park today and this is what we saw,

The big five are the lion, leopard, black rhinoceros, African bush elephant, and the African buffalo.

We ticked off two lions’ dens, basking crocodiles, a herd of buffalo and giraffes on Saturday before heading to Naivasha.

A little bit about Naivasha, the town where the rally is based

Naivasha is a cacophony of colour, a bit like Puck Fair on steroids, a lively market and tourism town, mental traffic and even more mental drovers – more on the wild side of this town as the week progresses.

The original name of Naivasha is drawn from the Maasai dialect, “Nai Posha,” which means “Rough Water.”

 It was used to refer to the frequent storms that would frequent

Lake Naivasha. Naivasha is 95 kilometers west of Nairobi and is accessible by


Recently, the standard gauge railway was extended from Nairobi to


With the Kenya Ports Authority having recently set up an Inland Container

Depot in Naivasha, it means cargo can now be transported by rail from the port of

Mombasa all the way to Naivasha. That is how the World Rally Teams got their rally cars and equipment here.

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