Q and A with Craig Breen following his fantastic second overall on Rally Sardina

Q and A with Craig Breen following his fantastic second overall on Rally Sardina

Craig, second position and it feels like a different Craig Breen here. How are you feeling to take second away?


Good, tired. It’s been a long weekend but I feel more relaxed. Honestly, come what may of the result this weekend, whatever would have happened, I felt better with myself and my driving. I would say I got slightly lost on the last couple of rallies, trying to chase something that I probably didn’t need to be chasing. Just tried to resort back to the car doing the work and enjoy the weekend. The speed was a lot better and I was really happy with the pace of the car. It’s the first time that I have felt confident on these type of roads and these type of stages. I think the pace was quite strong and there was a margin there where I could push a little bit more. It was important that we had a result like this and a podium.


You extended your lead over Dani on the first stage this morning. He was running behind you. How much did you risk in that first stage?


Honestly, it wasn’t so nice at all to be honest. Normally, Sunday morning, first stage, is a bit nervous because you never really know what someone is going to do.  I was a bit nervous from the flying finish to the stop control what the time was. I felt like I was really slow, but the time was not too bad and I was really happy with that. It was nice to be in a race with Dani because for the last few years when I have been driving, he wasn’t. We never really got to come together in the same rallies. It was nice.


Does this renewed confidence help heading towards a really tough event next?


For sure, it won’t make the situation any worse. It will definitely make us feel better. Safari will be completely new for me. I have never been there. I am looking forward to it. I have heard it will be a big challenge and I’ve heard how the guys got on there last year. I would say it will be a proper challenge, an adventure nonetheless. I am all about the adventure of running in the World Championship.  I am looking forward to going and discovering somewhere new. Let’s try and bring the speed forward that we had here



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