Rally Sweden essentials and timetable – the fastest rally ever?

Day one of Rally Sweden is here.

Craig Breen is prepared for what he believes will be the fastest rally on record

“It’s very fast, very straight, not so many crests or jumps, but where it’s narrow it’s really narrow and also bumpy. But for sure it’s going to be the fastest average speed ever,” he said.

Photo: McKlein/LAT Images/ Rally Sweden Media Office

Here is all you need to know to enjoy the next three days    

Weekend at a Glance

Rally Sweden begins with its longest day, with Friday’s running consisting of two loops of Kroksjö (14.98km), Kamsjön (27.81km) and Sävar (17.28km) plus a single pass of Umeå Sprint (5.53km), totalling 125.72km

Saturday’s itinerary contains six stages and sees the crews twice tackle Brattby (10.49km), Långed (19.49km) and Umeå (11.17km)

Sunday features two tests each of Vindeln (14.19km) and Sarsjöliden (14.23km). The second pass of the latter will be the rally’s Power Stage

Craig Breen (IRL) and Paul Nagle (IRL) in Umea, Sweden. Photo by: Jaanus Ree / Red Bull Content Pool

Some things to note

Subtract one hour from each of these times to get the Irish time

Both SS 9 and SS 13  Örträsk have been cancelled and removed from the schedule due to objectsion from reindeer farmers

Friday   February 25

08:42                     SS 1 Kroksjö 1                    14,98 km            

09:55                     SS 2 Kamsjön     1              27,81 km            

11:31                     SS 3 Sävar 1                         17,28 km            

12:38                     Service,                                Umeå Service Park Nolia              

14:45                     SS 4 Kroksjö 2                    14,98 km            

15:58                     SS 5 Kamsjön 2                  27,81 km            

17:34                     SS 6 Sävar 2                         17,28 km            

18:38                     SS 7 Umeå Sprint              5,53 km Arena –

19:08                     Service,                                Umeå Service Park Nolia

19:30                     Meet the Crews,               Umeå Service Park Nolia              

Saturday   February 26

08:05                     Service,                                Umeå Service Park Nolia                              

08:57                     SS 8 Brattby 1                     10,49 km            

10:54                     SS 10 Långed 1                   19,49 km            

12:08                     SS 11 Umeå 1                     11,17 km            

12:40                     Service,                                Umeå Service Park Nolia                              

15:27                     SS 12                                     Brattby 2              10,49 km            

15:30                     Historic Podium Ceremony,

17:24                     SS 14 Långed 2                   19,49 km            

18:38                     SS 15 Umeå 2                     11,17 km            

19:14                     Service,                                Umeå Service Park Nolia                              

19:30                     Meet the Crews,               Umeå Service Park Nolia                              

Sunday   February 27

05:30                     Service,                                                Umeå Service Park Nolia                              

07:00                     SS 16 Vindeln 1                                  14,19 km            

08:08                     SS 17     Sarsjöliden 1                       14,23 km            

09:37                     SS 18     Vindeln 2                             14,19 km            

10:57                     Regroup Vännäs                              

12:18                     SS 19 Sarsjöliden 2 (Power)         14,23 km            

14:30                     Podium Ceremony,                         Umeå

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