Killarney Forestry Rally entry list

Killarney and District Motor Club member Liam Moynihan will have the honour of being first on the road for his ‘home’ forestry rally.

The Millstreet, County Cork native is co-driving for Tyrone’s Cathan McCourt in a Ford Fiesta Raly2.

The pair arrive in Kerry on the back of good form. They were fourth overall on last weekend’s Corrib Oil Galway International Rally in the same car.

Last November they were third overall in the Killarney Historic Rally in a Ford Escort Mk2.

All proceeds from this rally will go to the Community Air Ambulance – please buy an official programme –  every cent made from this rally will go to the charity.  A list of programme outlets is available on another post on this site.

1              Cathan McCourt               Co. Tyrone          Liam Moynihan Co. Cork               Ford Fiesta

2              Desi Henry          Derry     Paddy Robinson Co. Donegal        Ford Fiesta

3              Patrick O’Brien                  Stephen O’Brien                               Ford Fiesta R5

4              Jordan Hone       Derry     Paul Hone           Derry     Ford Fiesta R5

5              Gareth Sayers    Co. Tyrone          Gareth Gilchrist                 Ford Fiesta

6              Brendan Cumiskey                          TBA                        VW Polo

7              Gerard Lucey     Co. Cork               Donagh Crowley               Co. Kerry             Mitsubishi Evo 8

8              Niall Henry          Co. Antrim          Damien Duffin   Co. Antrim          Ford Fiesta

9              Martin Cairns     Co. Tyrone          TBA                        Ford Fiesta WRC

10           Ray Breen           Co. Waterford   Andy Hayes        Co. Dublin           TBA TBA

11           Gareth Mimnagh              Co. Tyrone          J Barry McCarney             Isle of Man          Ford R5

12           Joe Hegarty        Co. Londonderry              David Turkington              Co. Tyrone          Ford Fiesta

14           Keith Power       Co. Waterford   Donal Balfe         Co. Limerick        Ford Fiesta R5

15           Marty McKenna                Kainne Treanor                 Hyundai I20 R5

16           Conor McCourt Co. Tyrone          Caolan McKenna                              Skoda TBA

17           Pete McCullagh Co. Kildare          Callum Maguire Co. Monaghan  Ford Fiesta

18           Derek Mackarel Co. Monaghan  Eamonn Creedon             Cork       Mitsubishi Evo 9

19           PJ O’Connor       Co. Limerick        Denny Greaney Co. Kerry             Mitsubishi Evo 9

20           Paul Britton        Co. Tyrone          Peter Ward                         Subaru Impreza GpN

21           Lukasz Czapnik                  Piotr Szadkowski                              Mitsubishi Evo 9

22           Brendan Stone  Co. Kildare          TBA                        Subaru Impreza

23           Paul Rowley       USA       Darragh Mullen Co. Sligo               Ford Fiesta

24           Conor McCrossan             Co. Tyrone          Arthur Kierans   Co. Monaghan  Ford Fiesta R5 Rally

25           Mark Murphy    Co. Cork               Anthony O’Sullivan          Co. Cork               Subaru Impreza N10

26           Aidan Long          Co. Cork               Rory O’Donoghue            Co. Cork               Subaru Impreza N12

27           Joe Stanely                         Ian Gallagher                     VW Polo Proto

28           Mike O’Connor  Co. Limerick        Barry Attridge    Co. Cork               Mitsubishi Evo 4

29           Patricia Denning               Co. Wicklow       Joe Downey       Co. Wicklow       Mitsubishi Evo 9

30           Barry Murphy                    TBA                        Mitsubishi Evo 9

31           Cyril Wharton    Co Kerry               Donal Falvey      Co Kerry               Subaru Impreza

201         David Condell    Co. Carlow          Paul Kelly             Co. Monaghan  Ford Escort

202         Shane McGirr     Co. Tyrone          Denver Rafferty                Toyota Starlet RWD

203         Frank Kelly          Co. Tyrone          Lauren Kelly        Co. Tyrone          Ford Escort Mk2

204         Michael Conlon Co. Monaghan  Ciaran McPhillips              Co. Monaghan  Ford Escort RS Mk2

205         Adrian Hetherington      Co. Tyrone          Ronan O’Neill     Co. Tyrone          Ford Escort Mk2

206         John Gordon      Co. Down            Elaine Ni She      Co. Kerry             Ford Escort

207         Hugh McQuaid  Co. Tyrone          Declan Casey                     Ford Escort Mk2

208         James Coleman Co. Tipperary     Eilish Dunne       Co. Kilkenny       Ford Escort Mk2

209         Steven Corey     Co. Monaghan  Ella Ryan              Co. Cork               Ford Escort Mk2

210         Paddy McToal    Co. Antrim          Connor O’Loan  Co. Antrim          Ford Escort

211         Ryan Caldwell                    Grace O’Brien                    Ford Fiesta

212         Kyle McBride      Co. Donegal        Darren Curran   Co. Donegal        Ford Fiesta

213         Michael Fitzgibbon          Co. Clare              Carrie Ryan         Co. Clare              Honda Civic EK4

214         Mike Feeney      Co. Cork               Ger Clancy           Co. Tipperary     Honda Civic

215         Ciaran McCullagh             Co. Kildare          Michael White   Cork       Honda Civic

216         Paul McMahon Co. Cork               Vincent Goggin Co. Cork               Honda Civic EK4

217         Ian McCarthy     Co. Cork               Sara McFadden Co. Mayo             Honda Civic

218         Lorcan Moore                    TBA                        Honda Civic EG6

219         Alan Commins   Co. Kilkenny       Joseph O’Brien  Co. Tipperary     Ford Escort Mk2

220         Sean Benskin                     Anthony Cronin                Ford Escort Mk2

221         Barry Mahon                      Utan McGowan                Honda Civic

222         Dylan Eves                          Damien Sheridan                             Honda Civic

223         Sam Stewart      Co. Donegal        Stephen Peoples              Co. Donegal        Ford Escort

224         Allen Treacy       Cork       Eoin Treacy         Cork       Toyota Corolla GT

225         Aoife Raftery     Co. Galway         TBA                        TBA TBA

226         Casey Jay Coleman          Co. Tipperary     Adam Coffey      Co. Tipperary     Ford Fiesta

227         Ashley McCarthy              Co. Cork               Eugene Cronin                   Peugeot 206

228         Liam McQuaid   Co. Tyrone          Mervyn Galbraith             Co. Tyrone          Ford Escort

229         Hal Lewis             Co. Clare              Tommy Commane           Co. Kerry             Ford Escort

230         Stuart Rankin     Co. Donegal        Liam McGlynn   Co. Donegal        Honda Civic 1.6VTI

231         Christy Butler     Cork       Ann Hutchinson Co. Laois              Honda Civic

232         David McAuley                  Andrew Moore                 Honda Civic

233         Mike Garahy      Co. Offaly            Iarla McCarthy  Co. Cork               Ford Escort Mk2

234         Gary Kelleher     Co. Cork               Eoghan McCarthy            Co. Cork               Opel Corsa

235         Ed Muldoon                       Ray Fitzpatrick                   Suzuki Swift

236         Ruairi Macartin                 David Crilly                          Honda Civic

237         Keelan Maguire Co. Tyrone          Tony McGovern Co. Fermanagh Honda Civic EK4

238         Coleman Hurley Cork       Sean Egan            Co. Cork               Opel Astra

239         Eoin McCarthy                   Daniel O’Brien                   Honda Civic EK4

240         Richard O’Shea  Co. Kilkenny       Liam Mackey     Co. Kilkenny       Ford Escort Mk5

241         Sam Leech                          TBA                        Opel Corsa

242         Michael Tumulty                              TBA                        Honda Civic Type R

243         Shane McCanney             Co. Tyrone          Diarmaid Campbell                          Toyota Corolla

244         Dan Nash                             TBA                        TBA

301         Jack Brennan     Co. Kilkenny       John McGrath                    Skoda Citigo

302         Mossie Costello Co. Kerry             Jonathan Keane Co. Limerick        Peugeot 107

303         Tommy Moffett Co. Armagh        Sam Moffett      Co. Armagh        Toyota Aygo

304         Jack Kennedy    Co. Wexford      Mark Kennedy  Co. Wexford      Nissan J1000 micra

305         Jack Harris           Co. Donegal        TBA                        VW UP

306         Letisha Conn      England Conn Stephen   Co. Armagh        Citroen C1

307         Patrick Gahan    Co. Tipperary     Conor Moloughney         Co. Tipperary     Chevrolet Spark

308         Kyle Browne       Co. Cork               Daniel Hanratty Co. Cork               Toyota Aygo

309         Cameron Crozier              Co. Down            Aine Phelan        Co. Kilkenny       Nissan Micra

310         Ross Ryan            Co. Cork               Peter Keohane  Co. Cork               Citroen C1

311         Vanessa McFadden         Co. Mayo             Brian Commons Co. Limerick        Hyundai I10

312         James Ronan                      TBA                        Peugeot 107

313         Bobby Conn                        Jordan Murphy                 Citroen C1

314         Tommy Cronin   Co. Cork               Derek Gibbs                       Toyota Aygo

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