Brian Duggan of makes a return to the co-driver’s seat

Brian Duggan of fame is set to make a return to the co-drivers seat for the first time since 2016

He will co-drive for former National Rally Champion Luke McCarthy in a Historic Spec Ford Escort Mk2.

Luke’s last event was the recent Escort Rally Special in Belgium where he finished sixth in the historic class.

“I had no plans to go back co-driving until I got a phone call to ask if I wanted to sit in for “Banna”, with Banna back it’s a good excuse to dust down the suit and helmet,” Brian told Kerry Motorsport News.

“I spent the last few years driving in Autotests/Endurance Trials/Night Navigation Trials.”

Brian is currently based in Ballincollig in Cork but is originally from the Kerry side of the Healy Pass!

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