The Ultimate form of madness The Isle of Man TT on a Sidecar and Killarney’s Siobhan Ardener is up for it

Killarney sidecar racer Siobhan Ardener will change class and driver this weekend as part of greater plan to contest a sidecar race in the Isle of Man TT at some point in the future.

She normally passengers for Dubliner Fergus Woodlock but their Medlar MCR Suzuki F1 was damaged in a crash at the pervious Dunlop Masters Irish Superbike Championship and will not be repaired in time for this weekend.

“Our bikes need to be rebuilt after the crash. It was fairly nasty and them LCR chassis don’t crash well. But the bruising is gone down and I am ready to rock again,” she said.

In the meantime Paul Reck is making a return to the sport – in a MDR Mick Donovan Racing F2 – and he needed a passenger for the three races that will run on Saturday and Sunday.

“Paul hasn’t been out much but someone said I was free this weekend and it kinda went from there,” she told Kerry Motorsport News.

Siobhan harbours an ambition to race as a sidecar passenger at the world-famous TT and the change of bike is another step in that that direction.

An F2 bike is more suitable for road racing while an F1 bike like Woodlock’s is built for short circuit racing events like those run at Mondello Park.

“Basically its prep for Isle of Man,” she added. “We race F1’s usually at Mondello and the F2’s are the ones usually used for roads, It’s got a Triumph 675 engine. I Never passengered on one before but no better time to learn than now,”

The bike is built by Limerick man Mick Donovan who was the fastest Irish man ever to lap the TT Course on a sidecar.

“It’s a wicked little bike,” added Siobhan. “I am very privileged to get a spin on it, it’s actually been used over on the Isle of Man.

“It’ll be a steep learning curve, but I actually can’t wait.”


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