RallySport style report on all Kerry crews from the Cork ’20’ – “updated following final results amendment”

Who remembers to old Rallysport magazine of the 1980s and 1990s?

It was the sport’s bible in those days.

One of its unique selling points was that every rally report featured a story about every crew on every rally.

So, with that in mind, Kerry Motorsport News presents the Rallysport report on all Kerry competitors and a few from a small bit over the County Bounds

Car 3 Sam Moffett/ Keith Moriarty 3rd overall

Keith hails from just over the County Bounds in Abbeyfeale, County Limerick.

“We had a great day, we were just tipping away,” said Keith.

They were as high as fourth after the opening two stages but dropped to tenth in the middle loop.

Originally listed as eighth overall, they were, rightly, promoted following a time adjustment due to a stage blockage.

Car 11 Cathan McCourt/Liam Moynihan Ford Fiesta RC2 6th overall and 3rd in class

Liam is a member of that well-known Millstreet family of Moynihans – everyone of them, brothers, uncles cousins, sisters are involved in the sport in some shape.

McCourt and Killarney and District Motor Club member Moynihan were second on the previous day’s Bushwhacker Rally in Tyrone and took in a mad overnight dash to Cork, including changing the car from gravel to tar set up to be ready for the Sunday morning start in Cork.

An unusually dry Cork ‘20’ meant they struggled with set up early in the day…after Saturday’s Gravel Grand Prix.

Car 12 Stephen Wright/Ger Conway Ford Fiesta RC2 7th overall and 4th in class.

It was Ger Conway’s first taste of a RC2 car since he and Rob Duggan finished second overall on the 2018 Donegal International Rally.

“There is a taste of more after this,” said Ger after a trouble-free day.

Car 14 Daniel Cronin/Shane Buckley Ford Fiesta RC2 5th overall 2nd in class

Massive result for the Killarney and District Motor Club crew. Shane Buckley was the best of the Kerry finishers.

After a slow start, after the long layoff, hovering between fifth and seventh, they got progressively quicker as they day wore on and finished the nine-stage rally just 18.5 off the podium.

“No dramas,” said Shane, “The car went perfect.” The Donegal Harvest is next up for the Cork/ Kerry pairing.

Car 16 Stephen McCann/Damian Fleming Ford Fiesta RC2 11TH overall 7th in class

Damien Fleming came close to making it four local co-drivers in the top ten. He and his driver Stephen McCann were 11th, just 16.6 off the leader board. They said it took a while to get used to the bumpy Irish tar after a recent trip to the Tour of Flanders in Belgium.

Car 45 Neil Phelan/Keith McCarthy Ford Escort Mk2 DNF

A crash on stage six resulted in a blockage and a busted shoulder for the Lixnaw co-driver.

Car 49 Mike Quinn/ Tony Healy Ford Escort Mk2 13th overall 6th in class

The Kerry Motor Club crew were delighted to record their first finish since the July 2018 Sligo Rally.

“We wanted a finish first,” said Mike. “And we will build on things from there.”

Car 51 Vincent O’Shea/Eoin O’Donoghue Darrian T90 GTR

They were the best all-Kerry crew in the rally, taking 12th overall in the national section in their Darrian T90 GTR. Vincent continues to get used to his new machine, Birr in February 2020 and a rallysprint in July is the sum total mileage he has experienced in the purpose-built rally machine.

57 John Hickey/ TBA BMW M3 DNS

John Hickey decided to delay the debut of his newly built BMW after 004 Safety Car driver Niall Walshe hired his Subaru Impreza.

“A different set of overalls for me today,” said John. “Fun for all at Hickey Motorsport.”

61 Peter Falvey/ Mark O’Leary Toyota Starlet 42nd overall 7th in class

They spent the day getting used to the concept of rallying again – their last outing on the Imokilly Mini Stages in July 2019 resulted in a massive crash.

“I am still half in fear,” said Peter.

66 Eoin Duffin/Mikie Cleary Ford Escort Mk2 DNF

What a day. No brakes on loop one resulted in an overshoot and spins. They were forced to drive off the handbrake in loop two but it was all in vain, a halfshaft broke on the road section between stage six and seven and they were out.

77 Thomas Randles/JJ Cremin Ford Escort Mk2 40th overall 9th in class

Reunited with 88 LK 1000 for the first time in 17 years Thomas and JJ, in their own words, were out to entertain spectators and were not looking at the clock.

Look out for a bigger feature on 88 LK 1000 on kerrymotorsportnews.com in the coming days.

93 Adrian Randles/Alistair Wylie Ford Escort Mk2. 36th overall 8th in class

“No dramas,” said Adrian, “Happy with the result, it was my first proper rally in eight years. It was very slippery.”

Banna is next up for the crew.

104 Darren Young/Pa Lawlor Honda Civic 22nd overall and 2nd in class

Darren is the defending Kingdom of Kerry Rally champion but has not competed since the Rally of the Lakes in 2019. It was even longer for Pa, the 2018 Circuit of Munster was his last outing when the pair rolled their then yellow Honda Civic into a ball.  A steady run netted second in Class 11F, just 2.3 second clear of third placed Seamus and Aoife Ronan.

Car 108 Don Moynihan/Pat Cashman Ford Escort MK1 37TH overall and 12th in class

“No drama,” said Pat, “It is so good to be back.”

126 Ray O’Neill/Padraig O’Donovan Ford Escort Mk2 38th overall 6th in class

“It was great,” said Ray, “Took it handy on first loop and got more into on the second loop but the sixth stage got cancelled. By the last stage I was back into it.”

J8 Alan O’Sullivan/ Mark Doody Honda Civic DNF

The hard luck story of the rally after putting their Honda Civic through a hedge almost in sight of the finish line of the final stage

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