O’Connell’s “mixed conditions and mixed fortunes” on the Western Australia’s Karri Rally

O’Connell’s “mixed conditions and mixed fortunes” on the Western Australia’s Karri Rally

Murish O’Connell has strengthened his grip on the Western Australia Rally Championship Clubman Cup following Saturday’s Karri Rally.

The Perth-based Kenmare man is on co-driving duties for Glenn Cawood and arrived at the fourth round of the series on the back of a category win, last time out, at the Grimwald Rally.

The Mitsubishi Lancer crew finished third on Saturday after exhaust manifold issues thwarted progress in the latter half of the rally.

The Karri Rally had mixed conditions and mixed fortunes for us this time.

They led the rally after the opening test but fell back down the order as the day went on.

“There were a few days of pretty steady rain in Manjimup, and some stage sections on the smaller roads deteriorated a fair bit,” he told Kerry Motorsport News. “We went quickest on a revised and shortened stage one, and despite the rain enjoyed pushing on and getting back into the rhythm of this famously fast event.

“Stage two was a reverse of a stage we used last year and incredibly quick but very slippy in parts.

“About two thirds way through we developed an issue with the car losing power, and at stage end discovered a fairly major hole in the exhaust manifold.

“Although only 1.9 seconds off the lead at that point, the 21-kilometre Stage three was all about survival for us and getting through to the finish.

“A planned water crossing was now a lake and a big challenge to get through.

“Honestly, very happy to hold on for a podium in third and bag some more championship points.”


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