Virtual reality Moll’s Gap – first full digital stage driven by MI Rally Academy member Brady

Motorsport Ireland’s Rally Academy member Brian Brady has become the first rally driver to drive the full digital version of Moll’s Gap.

Ireland’s most-famous rally road has been digitally mastered into a video game and will be made available to gaming and rally fans all over the world.

The digital adaption of the famous road has been made possible by Kildare-based Digital-Motorsports – the same firm that digitally mastered Mondello Park as part of the circuit’s 50th anniversary in 2018.

The digital version of Moll’s Gap has been under development for the best part of a year.

The current version, which is very close to the finished product, was only completed in the early hours of last Sunday morning.

This was just in time for Motorsport Ireland’s Rally Academy’s first training session of the year which took place at Mondello Park on Tuesday last.

Billy Coleman Award finalists were invited to try the digital version of the Gap as part of their training session.

At the moment, only a Ford Escort Mk2, has been loaded on to the platform but more cars are expected as the final product nears full completion.

Oldcastle’s Brady, who is contesting this year’s British Rally Championship in a Ford Fiesta R4, had the honour of being the first driver to complete the digital stage.

He was familiar enough with the stage, having contested the Rally of the Lakes in 2014 and 2015 in his Honda Civic.

“Would it make you five seconds quicker? Probably. Would it make you ten second quicker? Probably not,” he told Kerry Motorsport News.

“It is flat up to Fisher’s Bridge, up along by the cliffs is fairly accurate, and up the Gap itself is real fast. It is realistic and helps listening to notes – why not practice for a rally this way? There is only so much in car videos you can watch.”

Thanks to Andy Walsh for the photos

Watch a real life test here:

And here


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