Killarney racers battered and bruised after weekend of spills – but they ride on!

Two Killarney motorcycle racers are nursing injuries after incidents while racing last weekend.

Kevin Coyne will miss the next three rounds of the British Superbike Championship after crashing during qualifying for last weekend’s Brands Hatch event.

He got caught out on a partially wet track while his bike was fitted with dry weather slick racing tyres.

The incident launched him “high-side” off his bike and on landing he damaged his right shoulder.

He will be out of action for at least five weeks and is targeting the Snetterton round in early September for his return to the series.

However, the accident will have an impact on his budget and he now needs a new racing suit, helmet and body flares for his Kawasaki Ninja if he is to continue in the championship.

“On his fastest lap he just ran wide. Unfortunately slick tyres on a wet surface don’t like each other. He got high-sided, but he is ok,” said his father Mark.

“Kevin suffered some damage to the right shoulder which will put him out for four of five weeks but he will hopefully be back for Snetterton in September.”

The team has put out a request for support in an effort to get them back on track.

“With all that said and done, racing is expensive and after the crash we have to replace the suits and helmet with other bike damages. So If anyone would like to help Kevin please feel free to get in touch,” added Mark. He can be contacted via email:

Meanwhile, in Mondello Park over the weekend sidecar racer Siobhan Ardener tore ligaments in her right thumb during a “moment” in her second race. She and her driver, Fergus Woodlock, had already finished third in their opening event and were fighting for podium honours in race two when she nearly fell off the rear platform of the sidecar.

“It was only a moment,” she said. “It can’t be classed as a motor racing incident as I did not come off.”
They were forced to sit out their third and final race as a result of her injuries and issues with the bike’s steering and handling which are the suspected causes of the incident in the first place.

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