Motorsport Ireland update

Motorsport Ireland update

Kerry Motorsport News can confirm that Motorsport Ireland has written to  motor clubs with an update on regarding the recent unrest at grassroots level.

Clubs are concerned about several things, particularly the proposed budgets and entry fees and poor communications from the sports governing body.

The letter does not, as such, address these issues.

Instead there will be further meetings with the clubs and the hierarchy of motorsport Ireland – possibly next month and at a neutral and central venue.

Kerry Motorsport News has seen a redacted version of the letter – however it will not be published on here. One of the main gripes is the poor communication channels and, in this instance, it is prudent that club members are given the chance to digest its contests before putting them in the public domain.

Kerry Motorsport News asked MI for a comment but they declined as they felt this info is for clubs and members only.

We applaud and respect the governing body’s stance on this as it is a big step in correcting some of the issues.

“We would prefer not to send to anyone other than club secretaries at the moment until clubs have had a chance to read and circulate the letter to their directors/club members,” an MI spokesperson told Kerry Motorsport News.

If you need an update on the situation, then please do so via your club secretary. If you are not a club member, then this information is not for you.


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