Frank Doherty ready for motorcycle racing season

Killarney’s Frank Doherty ready for motorcycle racing season

Frank Doherty, the runner-up in 2019 Superbike Cup class in the Dunlop Masters will return to racing this weekend for the first time since October 2019.

O’Doherty chose to sit out last year’s pandemic-shortened season – so short in fact only one meeting and three races took place in September.

He was already to for the 2020 season after attending two test sessions in Spain, but like the rest of the world, his plans ground to halt once COVID-19 raised its ugly head in March last year.

“I refreshed the bike fully over that winter and went to Spain for two pre season tests at Almeria and Cartagena, the tests were very positive which gave me great motivation for 2020.,” he explained “As we returned to Ireland COVID-19 halted everything so the bike sat in a friend’s shed on the bench needing only an oil change.”

He was not idle and spent a lot time on a bike – a  peddle bike – so much so his fitness is at its top level for 2021 and he is even considering a career in cycle racing too.

“When it became clear there would be no events in the foreseeable future I put the Yamha R1 to the back of my mind and focused on my fitness. That snowballed quite quickly from not cycling at all to clocking up to around 14 hours a week and taking out a race licence for that too,” he added.

But he is back in Mondello Park this weekend and eyeing the Super Bike Cup championship that eluded in 2019.

He arrives at the County Kildare venue at a disadvantage to his rivals having been unable to take part in the pre-season test events that have been going on for the last few weeks.  

“I’m excited to get back on the bike this weekend and see what 200hp feels like again. I will certainly be at a disadvantage not having taken part in any track-days that have been running for the past few months now but we’ll ease back into it and see what happens,” he said.


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