Tonight’s Killarney and District Motor Club AGM postponed

Killarney and District Motor Club has deferred its annual general meeting that was due to take place on Tuesday tonight.

Forced by current COVID-19 rules, the club has been unable to meet in person since last October.

Several positions are due to go to a vote and there is no possible way a secret ballot can take place on line

KDMC is the first club in the county to bring its AGM online.

A date for the annual Killarney Historic Rally is listed in the current list of Motorsport Ireland ‘non-gated’ and while there is no definite timeframe for a return to rally events in the Republic of Ireland, Tuesday night’s meeting will give a clearer picture on the future of the November event.

A new clerk of the course is likely to be appointed for the event and he or she will need to start thinking about initial plans for the event within in the next few weeks.

Even at that there is no certainty if the event can or cannot go ahead – COVID-19 restrictions aside – there are other political issues within the governance of Motorsport that need to be ironed out too.

Whatever the case, Tuesday’s meeting is likely to a lively affair as different opinions are bandied about.

A report on the meeting, including new, in any, appointees, will be published on Kerry Motorsport News in the next few days.

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