Can you identify this car on Inch Beach?

A motoring journalist, who was on holiday in Kerry, uncovered the remains of a washed-up car on Inch Beach while walking on the famous strand recently.

David Walshe, a member of the Irish Motoring Writers Association and a judge on the annual Irish Car of Year panel put out an appeal on his Twitter feed in an effort to identify the severely damaged and upturned car.

The photo was taken at the southern end of Inch Point, about 4kms from Sammy’s Café. The sand in this section of the beach is notoriously soft and several motorists, unfamiliar with the beach, have gotten stuck there.

Last week, with the fine weather, Inch has been particularly busy, and several cars and a camper van had to be rescued by a local farmer with his Massey Ferguson 135.

There is no doubt that Walshe’s find is not a recent addition to the beach.

One local believes it is an Opel Zafira that succumbed to an incoming tide a few years ago. The car was swept out into the channel that divides Inch and Rossbeigh, at which point the owner gave up all hope of saving his motor.

It resurfaced last week after Walshe discovered it in one of the rock pools near Inch Point.

Across the channel, on Rossbeigh Beach, the partially submerged wreck of the 19th century schooner, The Sunbeam, is a permanent fixture on that strand.

This article was originally published in the Killarney Advertiser. Kerry Motorsport News is the motoring content supplier to the Killarney Advertiser.

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