Electronomous car show on the move

Electronomous car show on the move

The popular electric car and autonomous vehicle show and future transport technology summit ‘Electronomous’ will not return to Killarney next year.

The high-tech exhibition and convention was held in the INEC in Killarney in 2018 and 2019.

The show always coincided with the Rally of the Lakes and was organised by several people who also work for rally sponsor, cartell.ie.

The vehicle data website was recently sold to Independent News Media but the sale does not affect the ‘Electronomous’arm of the firm.

However, there has been large scale restructuring in both organisations and as a result ‘Electronomous’ will relocate to Dublin next year.

The 2020 event did not take place in May due to pandemic-related restrictions but an online and virtual event will take place between November 12 to 13.

Next year, the exhibition will move to a Dublin airfield, mainly to allow a moving display of vehicles rather than a static show that was previously the case when the exhibition took place in INEC. However, participants did drive their electric vehicles to and from the Killarney show.

It has also been rebranded as ‘Electronomous – The International Mobility Summit’ which will further extend its scope to include all forms of future transport, smart cities and inter-connectivity as opposed to a motor show.

Details like date and exact venue will be announced in due course but in previous years it was staged in early May.

Versions of this article appeared in previous editions of The Killarney Advertiser. Kerry Motorsport News is the motorsport content provider to the weekly titles. 

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