Dan McSweeney – RIP.

Killarney and District Motor Club members turned out in force last Friday night to pay their respects to Dan McSweeney who died last week.

The Pinewood man was a popular and active member of the club.  

He was a long-time member of Killarney and District Motor Club and won the club’s Person of the Year award in 2008. He also won the Rally of the Lakes Silver Wheel Award in 2014, a coveted award presented to people who go above and beyond the call of duty on behalf of the county’s biggest motorsport event.

He was best known for marshalling on Moll’s Gap but held several other roles including radio operator and deputy stage commander on the famous stage. Outside of the rally he acted as clerk of the course for the club’s Autocross and Autotest events.

 A minute’s silence was observed at last Thursday’s Rally of the Lakes Organisation meeting and the club provided a guard of honour on his final journey.

This is an edited article from the February 28 issue of the Killarney Advertiser. Kerry Motorsport News is the motorsport content provider to the Killarney Advertiser.

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