Updated Motorsport and classic car events in Kerry for 2023

Updated Motorsport and classic car events in Kerry for 2023

More dates to be added as and when clubs confirm

This will be a rolling project and will be updated and re-published on the last day of each month for the rest of the year

Some dates clash so maybe there will be some back-and-forth movement in those instances

If you wish to add more, please let us know –  news@kerrymotorsportnews.com

Dates for your diary 2023

Date                      event                                   Venue                                   Club

April 1 RallyTown Tralee Town Centre Kerry Motor Club

April 2                   Circuit of Kerry Rally        Tralee                                   Kerry Motor Club

April 2                   Car run                                 Ballyvourney                      Ballyvourney Classic Club

April 8/9               Classic Run/Show            Ardfert                                 Maurice Collins Memorial

April 10                  Car Run                                Killarney                               Killarney Valley Classic

April 15                Beara Opel Run                                 Killmackillogue                  Opel Vauxhall Ireland

April 16                 Lakes rally launch             Killarney                               KDMC

April 23                 Cars n Coffee                     TBC                                        Kingdom VVCCC

April 23                 Forestry Rally                     Ballyvourney                      Munster Car Club

April 28/30          Rally of the Lakes             Killarney                               Killarney and District Motor Club

May 5/7               Lancia Nationals               Tralee                                   Lancia Motor Club

May 6/7               Kingdom County Fair      Tralee                                   Kingdom County Fair

May 7                    Opel/Vauxhall run            Castleisland                        Opel Vauxhall Ireland

May 21                 Cars n Coffee                     Millstreet                             Millstreet Vintage Club

May 26/27           Cannonball Retro             TBC                                        Cannonball Run

May 28                 Classic Run                          TBC                                        KVVCCC

June 4                   Vintage Day                        Kligarvan                              Roughty Valley

June 9/10            Ring of Kerry                      Kemare                                KVVCCC

June ??                 Kilflynn Show                     Killflynn                                Kilflynn Vintage

June 17                 Evening run                        Millstreet                             Millstreet Vintage

June 25                 Cars n Coffee                     North Kerry                        KVVCCC

July 9                     Car Show Pre 2003          Killarney                               Killarney Valley Classic

July 15                  Hillcimb memorial           Ballyfinnane                       KVVCC/IVVCC

July 16                  Hillclimb memorial          Ballyfinnane                       Kerry Motor Club

July 22/23           Car run and show             Abbeydorney                     Abbeydorney Vintage

July 23                   Classic van and truck       Millstreet                             Millstreet Classic

July xx                   Car run and show             Ballylongord                       Ballylongford Oyster Festival

July 30                  Autotest                              TBC                                        Killarney DMC

August 5/6          Motorcycle Races             Athea                                    Athea Road Race Club

August 12            Ted’s Opel Run                  Venue TBA                          Ted O’Connell   

August ??            Car run and show             Knocknagoshel                  Knocknagoshal Carnival

August 13            Ballymac Run                     Ballymac                              Ballymac Vintage  

August  19           Churchill Fair                      Churchill                              Churchill Forge

August 20            Rose of Tralee Static       Tralee                                   KVVCCC

August 27            Scramble                             TBC                                        KVVCC

Sept 1/2               Automobilio                       Tralee                                   Non-club –

Sept       3              Remembering Elaine       Kilgarvan                              Roughty Valley

Sep         3             Autumn Run                       Millstreet                             Millstreet Classic

Sep 10                   Car Show                             Killarney                               Killarney Valley Classic

Sept 15/16           Cannonball                         Killarney                               Cannonball Ireland

Sept ??/??           Ford Fair                              Banna                                   Non-club date to be confirmed

Oct         1              Model Car Show               Millstreet                             Millstreet Vintage

Oct 13/14             Autumn Run                       Kenmare                              KVVCCC    

Oct  22                  Darmody Run                     Faha                                      KVVCC date to be confirmed

December 1/2   Historic Rally                      Killarney                               Killarney and District Motor Club

December 3        Christmas Run                   Millstreet                             Millstreet Vintage

December 28     Car Meet and walk           Killarney                               Killarney Valley Classic

December 29     Awards night                      TBC                                        Kingdom of Kerry

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