What’ is going on in Donegal? Statement issued by rally management team but not issued by Donegal Motor Club…

This Press Release has been sent by the Management Team Donegal International Rally 2023, and not by Donegal Motor Club nor its Committee. 

For the attention of:-

Members of the Press.

                               DONEGAL INTERNATIONAL RALLY 2023.

                                                PRESS RELEASE NO. 2. 


The Management team of the 2023 Donegal International Rally have announced a pause in their planning for the 2023 event. A new management structure for the Rally was adopted by Donegal Motor Club members in January of this year, with the management team starting its work on 16th January.  Since then significant new support has been secured in the commercial sponsorships, logistics, and marshals needed for the Rally.

On the 17th January, the DMC Club Chairman forwarded the resignation letter of the outgoing Clerk of the Course to the management team, which letter informed that the Rally Manager had also stood down. Press release No. 1 refers.

Since then the DMC Club executive have failed to address the issue of the election of a Clerk of the Course for the 2023 Donegal Rally. The scheduled February Club meeting, at which this was expected to occur, was cancelled without explanation and there currently appear to be no plans to hold any to address the situation. The management team have tried to engage with the executive to call a Club meeting but without success.

In the circumstances that such key positions remain empty 16 weeks before the 2023 Rally, the team is unable to do its work as planned, and at a meeting this week has decided to pause its operation and to advise Club members and other affected parties accordingly. The management plan, and the team adopted by the Club members, will not operate at the 2023 Donegal International Rally. 

The team issues this release in the interests of transparency and for the proper notification of all affected parties. It extends its thanks to the many businesses, personnel and other contributors who came forward to pledge their help in making the Donegal Rally a continued success.

The team looks forward to the next meeting of Donegal Motor Club, if one occurs, to update the Club on its work and plans, to outline and document the reason for this decision, and to address the unhelpful speculation generated in the past weeks.

Regardless of which structure is in place, the team commends and looks forward to a successful Donegal international Rally in 2023, and will give such assistance as it can. We wish our fellow Club members all the best with the selection of a new Clerk of the Course and in the running of the 2023 Donegal International rally.

Management Team Donegal International Rally 2023.

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