Government funding for motorsport and motorcycling totals €91k

Government funding for motorsport and motorcycling totals €91k

New funding announced today will see both Motorsport Ireland and Motorcycling Ireland receive grant funding.

Motorsport Ireland is in line for €66,000 while  Motorcycling Ireland will get €25.000 under the scheme.

The GAA will get more than €12 million under the same project while soccer’s governing body, the FAI will get close to €3 million.

Comparable governing body funding to MI includes Table Tennis Ireland which will get €64,000.

Tug of War Ireland will get the same €25,000 as Motorcycle Ireland – they are two of around ten governing bodies on this figure.

Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin, together with Sport Ireland, has announced almost €52 million in funding for the sport sector under a number of separate support programmes.

As part of Budget 2023, a funding package of €35 million was made available to help alleviate the impact of increased energy costs for sports clubs and organisations with a view to ensuring that everyone can continue to enjoy the benefits of sport and physical activity over the winter months. The Sports Energy Support Scheme (SESS) was launched by Sport Ireland on the 15th of November and, to date, €21 million has been allocated to support sporting organisations with the rising energy costs associated with the provision of sport.  The remaining funding will be allocated by Sport Ireland early in the New Year.

Some €15 million in COVID funding is being allocated to help sports organisations to continue their recovery and growth post-pandemic, thereby ensuring that people of all ages and abilities are afforded the opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity and enjoy all of the associated health and wellbeing benefits.

A further €0.8 million is being provided to National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of Sport for the purchase of sports equipment primarily designed to assist in the delivery of Sport Ireland’s High Performance Strategy. An allocation has also been provided to Swim Ireland for the purchase of an additional “pop-up” pool on foot of the success of the first such pool which was funded in 2021.

In addition, additional funding of €1 million is being provided to Sport Ireland to support a number of specific key projects which will further enhance Ireland’s sporting profile, including the hosting of the 2023 Euro Hockey Men’s Championship II, the staging of a podium event by Gymnastics Ireland and Swim Ireland’s hosting of an inaugural U23 European Swim Championship at the National Aquatic Centre. The funding will also support a number of initiatives aimed at improving the profile and visibility of female athletes across all sports, with specific support for women in football and women in rugby programmes.

Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin, said:

“The funding allocations being announced today are evidence of the critical role which sport plays across our society.  In recognition of this role, it is vital that the sports sector is on a firm financial footing thereby ensuring the long-term viability of our sports organisations and clubs, allowing them to continue the great work they do at all levels throughout the country.  I am pleased that we will also be able to support a number of key sporting events in 2023, which will add further to Ireland’s reputation as a host venue for such events.

“Today’s funding allocations will greatly assist the sport sector as it continues its vital work in supporting all members of society in getting and staying active and reaping all of the associated health benefits.  Thankfully, the health restrictions associated with the pandemic are no longer a feature of our daily lives but I and my Government colleagues appreciate the challenges that the sector has had to overcome and I am very pleased that we are able to continue to support our National Governing Bodies, our Local Sports Partnerships and our sports clubs as we all adapt to life post-pandemic.  The specific investment to support sporting organisations with the rising energy costs associated with the provision of sport will help ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy the benefits of sport and physical activity over the winter months.”

Sport Ireland Chief Executive, Úna May, said:

“We would like to thank Minister Martin for her ongoing support. The past 12 months have been very challenging for the sector and the increased funding through these specific schemes has been vital. The extra funding has directly helped our National Governing Bodies and Local Sports Partnerships recover after the COVID-19 pandemic and provide stability to them during a time of rising energy costs. This commitment recognises the leading role that sport plays at the heart of Irish life.”

National Governing Body COVIDSport Energy Support Scheme (SESS) SESS (SI campus & contingency for distribution in 2023) Sports Capital Equipment Programme Events / Projects Total
Football Association of Ireland              1,500,000               1,257,000                        2,757,000
Gaelic Athletic Association              1,227,000            11,730,000                     12,957,000
Special Olympics Ireland              1,075,000                         1,075,000
Athletics Ireland                  989,000                   108,000                        1,097,000
Cricket Ireland                  801,000                      33,295                 57,685                           891,980
Irish Rugby Football Union                  647,000               1,010,000                        1,657,000
Swim Ireland                  599,000                      22,500              460,045                  150,000                     1,231,545
Horse Sport Ireland                  460,000                   107,000                             567,000
Irish Athletic Boxing Association                  405,000                   171,500                             576,500
Rowing Ireland                  405,000                      29,000                 96,000                           530,000
Golf Ireland                  355,000               2,113,500                        2,468,500
Badminton Ireland                  275,000                   100,000                             375,000
Triathlon Ireland                  260,000                              260,000
Irish Martial Arts Commission                  250,000                         6,800                             256,800
Cycling Ireland                  245,000                  39,540                           284,540
Student Sport Ireland                  240,000                              240,000
Basketball Ireland                  240,000                      31,000                             271,000
The Camogie Association                  204,000                      14,000                             218,000
Irish Wheelchair Association Sport                  200,000                              200,000
Hockey Ireland                  180,000                   239,000                    4,680                  180,000                          603,680
Irish Sailing                  175,000                   134,000                             309,000
Irish Squash                  172,000                      58,000                             230,000
Vision Sports Ireland                  170,000                              170,000
Volleyball  Ireland                  158,000                              158,000
Tennis Ireland                  154,000                   740,500                             894,500
National Community Games                  150,000                              150,000
Gymnastics Ireland                  150,000                      75,000                 64,970                  220,000                          509,970
Ladies Gaelic Football Association                  146,000                              146,000
Mountaineering Ireland                  145,000                              145,000
Canoeing Ireland                  130,000                      13,000                 51,000                           194,000
Paralympics Ireland                  119,000                              119,000
Irish Judo Association                  112,000                              112,000
Olympic Federation of Ireland                  100,000                              100,000
Irish Olympic Handball Association                     85,000                                 85,000
GAA Handball Ireland                     80,000                      75,000                             155,000
Orienteering Ireland                     79,000                                 79,000
Baton Twirling SportAssociation of Ireland                     75,000                                 75,000
Irish Surfing                     70,000                                 70,000
Motorsport Ireland                     66,000                                 66,000
Table Tennis Ireland                     64,000                                 64,000
ONAKAI                     60,000                         4,200                                64,200
Rugby League Ireland                     55,000                                 55,000
Pitch & Putt Ireland                     50,000                         8,000                                58,000
Snooker & Billiards Ireland                     50,000                      15,000                                65,000
Diving Ireland                     50,000                         5,300                                55,300
Archery Ireland                     47,000                                 47,000
CARA                     45,000                                 45,000
Racquetball Association of Ireland                     42,000                         3,280                                45,280
Irish Ameteur Wrestling Association                     35,000                                 35,000
Federation of Irish Sport                     30,000                                 30,000
Bol Chumann na hÉireann                     25,000                                 25,000
Weightlifting Ireland                     25,000                         5,800                                30,800
Deaf Sports Ireland                     25,000                                 25,000
Fencing Ireland                     25,000                                 25,000
Tug of War Ireland                     25,000                                 25,000
Motorcyling Ireland                     25,000                                 25,000
Bowling League of Ireland                     25,000                         3,000                                28,000
Irish Clay Target Shooting Association                     25,000                                 25,000
Irish Tenpin Bowling Association                     25,000                                 25,000
American Football Ireland                     25,000                                 25,000
Irish Waterski & Wakeboard Federation                     25,000                                 25,000
Speleological Union of Ireland                     25,000                                 25,000
Angling Council of Ireland                     25,000                                 25,000
Croquet Association of Ireland                     25,000                                 25,000
Irish Ice Hockey Association                     25,000                                 25,000
Pentathlon Ireland                     25,000                                 25,000
Snow Sports Association of Ireland                       25,000                                25,000
Irish Sailing Association                   51,400                              51,400
Water Polo                      9,186                                 9,186
OFI                   50,000                              50,000
Women in Sport                      450,000                          450,000
LSP              1,179,000                         1,179,000
Aviva Stadium (FAI & IRFU)                1,034,000                        1,034,000
Sport Ireland                     15,828,325                    15,828,325

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