Happy Christmas to all 350,000 Kerry Motorsport News readers – and a quick look ahead to next season’s plans

As the year draws close it is time to reflect on another successful year for Kerry Motorsport News.

No website can be successful without readers and a massive thanks to you all who have tuned in – an unbelievable 350,000 of you! – this year.

Readers are at the heart of what we do, keep reading and we will keep publishing!

To subscribers, a huge thanks to you… your support ensures that the website can continue.

 It is time-consuming at the financial rewards are very limited so thanks to our loyal subscribers the show can go on!

If have not yet subscribed – you can do so via this link

Kerry Motorsport News has published at least one news story every day this year and sometimes even more

Today is the 352nd day of the year.. since January 1 we have only missed one day – January 6 – and since then there have been news stories published every single day.

This is not our final news story of the year – still one or two other items on the horizon before full Christmas mode is engaged but we won’t publish daily again until January 2.

This year we have covered stories with Kerry connections in the following and similar can be expected next year.

World Rally Championship

British Rally Championship

New Zealand Rally Championship

Western Australia Rally Championship

And all Irish rally championship events

Why? Because there were Kerry competitors rallying!

On two wheels we have covered

Dunlop Irish Masers, road racing in Ireland and the Isle of Man and circuit racing in Australia and Wales… and new one for us…hillclimbing!

Why? Because there were Kerry riders racing!

The local vintage scene was well covered too and KMN attended serval Kerry-based vintage and classic events that otherwise would not have any publicity at all.

Add in a few one-off events, like Deja Vu, Automobilio, and Cannon Ball and it was a very busy year for Kerry Motorsport News

There will be one or two more stories to post between here and Christmas and a few more over the holidays, but daily posts will not happen again until after January 2

But already the first post of the New Year is going to be a big one.

We are compiling a list of all motoring events in Kerry over the course of the next 12 months and we can assure you that it is going to be a busy year in the Kingdom.

Our first two events of the year will be Autosport International and Rallye Monte Carlo – start as you mean to go on!

Once again thanks for the support – if you can subscribe it will be much appreciated – it keeps the show on the road!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and since y’all at an event sometime in 2023.

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Just as newspapers and magazines are paid for, digital editorial content will also have to be paid for.

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