A few new rules are on the way for Irish rallying in 2023 including a maximum speed limit on special stages

There a few new rules coming to effect for Irish rallying in 2023.

Speed Limits

A speed limit has been set for Irish stage rallying.

The new rule will state

For all special stage rally event. Competitors found to be be over the set maximum speed of 201km/h monitored by the event tracking system

1: First offence on an event, warning given, either by written or electronic means.

2: Second offence, on the same event, 1-minute penalty added to competitors overall rally time

3: Third offence on the same event – exclusion from the event

If any competitor commits any of the above offences on an event and then is found to exceed the maximum speed on their next event this will result in immediate exclusion from that event

As part of the above rule Article 4.7 , in relation to judge of fact, has been amended

The event organisers shall appoint Judges of Fact, whose decision will be final. In addition, on all special stage rallies, the tracker system and the listed event tracking personnel will be deemed judges of fact

This rule will be further extended in 2024

For all special stage rally events. Competitors found to be over the maximum speed of 201km/h monitored by the event tracking system, will be excluded from the event

If a competitor exceeds the maximum speed limit on more than one occasion, their competition licence will be suspended for a period of six months from the date of the second offence

Pre-event DVDS

For all tarmac, multi stages or mini stages rallies, pace/safety notes and DVD/Digital link (or video in any format) may be available no earlier than five days before the scheduled recce day of an event.

In the case of forestry events, Pace/Safety notes and DVD (or video in any format) may be made available no more than 7 days before an event.

Competitors wishing to avail of alternative recce days should arrange to collect their notes from an event official during sign on and the collection of their road book

Another change in the logistics side of rallying that could come in, although Kerry Motorsport News has been unable to verify this one, but we are reliably informed that this is the case

If a chicane is hit by a competing car, and the nature of the chicane changes its construction and/or  position as a result, then the stage will be neutralised, by means of a flag or tracking system, to allow the marshals time to re-position the chicane

The reason, the stage furniture will not be as per safety plan for the following cars so the stage either has to be returned to safety plan specification or the stage cancelled.

Please debate all of the above in a sensible and constructive manner

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