Warning to spectators on Moll’s Gap on Saturday – park sensibly. “Don’t be the one to cause the stage to be cancelled”

Spectators attending Saturday’s Rentokil Initial Killarney Historic Rally are warned of the need to park in a safe and unobstructive manner on Moll’s Gap.
The iconic stage will be used three times this year – a first for any Killarney rally.
The entire stage from start to finish will close to public traffic at 645am. Any cars still in transit at that time will be escorted to the end of the stage.
Starting stage one on schedule is paramount to getting all three runs completed during the day.
Fans are advised to get into the stage well before the 645am deadline.
If traffic gets too busy on the approach to the stage from the Muckross House entrance or the Kenmare side exit, Gardai may decide to close the road early on safety grounds.
Once on the stage spectators are advised to park well off the road. Cars parked too close to the edge of the stage may be towed away.
“Think before you park is the message,” said clerk of the course Anthony O’Connor.
“Last year we came very close to losing the opening stage as there was too much spectator traffic on the stage at the appointed road closed time – this cannot happen this year. We are appealing to spectators to work with us – don’t be the one to cause the stage to be cancelled.”
Additionally, there will be no parking allowed at the small car park at Derrycunnihy Church, on either side of the road at Ladies’ View and some laybys on the ascent to the summit.
“Often is the case that fans go in early, park in a dangerous place and walk away from the car, watch further into the stage, and we cannot find the driver, they may be in for a surprise when they see their car on the back of a tow truck,” added the clerk of the course
Club officials will patrol the stage throughout Friday night and vehicles will be towed if deemed necessary.

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