A thank you note to all subscribers…it is only €50.00 a year or less than €1.00 a week readers for an annual subscription.

A thank you note to all subscribers…

A huge thank you to all our subscribers, Kerry Motorsport News could not survive without your support.

As we move ever closer to going behind a paywall we would like to thank all our supports so far.
This week marks the first anniversary of the first step towards total paywall.
Regular subscribers will now be entering their second year of support and we cannot thank you enough for this.

As of today 296,252 people have visited this website in 2022.

Kerry Motorsport News is the only Irish motorsport website that publishes at least one news story a day…check it out – no one else does this!

We need more subscribers to keep the show on the road – it is only €50.00 a year or less than €1.00 a week readers for an annual subscription.

As Kerry Motorsport News continues to expand we are inviting our readers to become official supporters of this important service and join the other loyal subscribers.

Some people say I am daft to put it behind a wall, others are encouraging it but the way I see it I am charging each customer less than one euro a week to keep them updated on a wide range of topics that are centred around Kerry Motorsport.

Last October we were the third website in the whole world to confirm Craig Breen and Paul Nagle’s move to M-Sport. Only WRC.COM and DirtFish were ahead of us on that one and that is pretty decent company to be keeping.

One year later we were the first in the world to announce Paul’s retirement.

There is a lot of hard work in keeping the show on the road and being right at the coal face of what is happening in all aspects of Kerry motorsports.

This year, so far we have covered:

The World Rally Championship

Every Irish rally

The Dunlop Masters National Motorcycle racing championship

Irish road races

Kerry-based classic car runs and shows

Rallies in America, Australia and New Zealand

And other events as and when we confirm Kerry participation (last year included Formula One Grand Prix Racing, FIA World Rallycross and Formula E)

My hope is, no matter where in the world, if a Kerry person puts on a helmet to go racing or is involved behind the scenes of a race team or organisation of events, then the website will cover it.

More often than not we are right in the heart of the breaking news ensuring readers are getting up to the minute information.

We cover every form of motoring, on two and on four wheels, in every corner of the world, once it has a Kerry connection.

We need more subscribers to keep the show on the road – it is only €50.00 a year or less than €1.00 a week readers for an annual subscription.

The reality is information is not free –

Thanking you in advance

Sean – if you have news you want to share care text 087 6771019

Unfortunately, Kerry Motorsport News cannot continue to make our articles available for free.

Just as newspapers and magazines are paid for, digital editorial content will also have to be paid for.

Please subscribe and help us keep this machine running!
It’s only €50 per year – subscribe now

Subscribe to get access

Read more of this content when you subscribe today.


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