Family fun in Banna for the Hickey Family – two brothers and their two daughters in the same rally!

Family fun in Banna for the Hickey Family
The Banna Beach Resort Kerry Winter Rally will be a special occasion for the Hickey Family from Killarney and Headford.
Brothers Charlie and John will drive their Ford Escorts on the October 30 event in North Kerry. They will be navigated by their daughters, Charlene and Michelle.
While both Charlene and Michelle have competed before this is the first time all four members of the family will compete in the same event.
Both Charlie and John are no strangers to local rallying. This year marks Killarney-based garage man Charlie’s 40th year in the sport while John, who runs an engineering business in Headford has been involved in motorsport for 38 years.

Charlene navigated for Charlie on a rallysprint event in Tralee around ten years ago but she has never contested a stage rally. Her cousin Michelle made her debut on the Rally of the Lakes, back in 2019.
John, always the advocate for cheaper club-based rallying rather than semi-professional high-budget competition is looking forward to the occasion.
“Two brothers with their two daughters having a day out in a great rally. This has to be good for motorsport. We have to put the fun back into clubman rallying. We just can’t always be focused on the price to compete. This is Charles’ 40th year competing and my 38th year, add this together and it’s probably hard to beat anywhere in this world,” he said.
Charlie added: “Charlene is mad to get going.”
The six-stage rally will feature classic roads in North Kerry and will have a central service halt in Tralee town centre. The after-rally party and awards ceremony will take place in the Banna Beach Resort on Sunday night.

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