“He was like a brother to me” Craig Breen praises his retiring co-driver, Paul Nagle

“He was like a brother to me” Craig Breen praises his retiring co-driver, Paul Nagle

Craig Breen has praised Paul Nagle following the news earlier this week that the Killarney man will retire from top-flight rallying after Rally Spain.
He described Paul as a brother, that they will continue to do Historic rallies together and that he is going to do his best to give Paul the send-off he deserves later this month.

On a social media post on Friday evening Craig said:
“Most of you will have seen the other day that Paul has decided to call time on his career in the WRC after Rally Spain this year.

“I have to say, even though it’s been something I’ve known for a while now, it still feels strange thinking this next event will be our last together at this level.
“Paul and I have worked on and off now for 10 years. He was the one that took on one of the most difficult tasks in getting me back on my feet after losing Jaffa, a role that went above and beyond his call of duty.

“We went on our separate ways for a few years before joining back up in 2019 in Eyre Square in Galway, right back near the bottom ring of the ladder. The last couple of years have been amazing, 6 podiums in the WRC until now, the Irish Tarmac Championship, two San Remo Rally victories, a win in Ypres plus many more.

“But above all on a sporting side, Paul has been like a brother to me throughout. We’ve shared so many highs and lows, both inside and outside the car, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.
“This will not be the end of the story for us you can be sure. As you all well know, I have a love of historic events and Paul will be most certainly at my side whenever those take place, we remain the absolute best of friends.
“Thanks for everything you have done for me in our time together Paul, let’s try and make this last one a special one.”

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