The sleep deprivation guide to following Rally New Zealand live this weekend.

The sleep deprivation guide to following Rally New Zealand live this weekend.

Rally New Zealand returns to the WRC calendar in 2022 after a 10-year absence from the series.

The rally is world-renowned for featuring some of the most breathtaking views to be found on a rally stage.

The rally is based in New Zealand’s largest city Auckland, with the service park located on its waterfront and the opening stage to take place in the Pukekawa Auckland Domain park on Thursday evening.

Friday then features more than half of the rally’s competitive distance with 158.56 kilometres to be driven across two loops of classic stages to the south around Raglan, starting with the iconic Whaanga Coast which is followed by two stages around Te Akau.

A tyre fitting zone in Raglan separates the two loops, rather than a full service.

Saturday takes place to the north of Auckland with two more loops of three stages running on either side of service.

Sunday is made up of two repeated stages on the city’s eastern side, with the second pass of the purpose-built Jack’s Ridge as the rally-ending Power Stage.

Map supplied Toyota Media Service

From a Kerry fan’s point of view, there is some good news and some bad news in terms of sleep or lack thereof over the next few days.

Auckland is exactly 12 hours ahead of Ireland

The early morning stages, New Zealand time, will take place in the late evening so the opening stages will be easy to watch live.

For example The shakedown gets underway at 9am Thursday morning in Auckland, that is 9pm Wednesday night locally so that is straightforward enough.

The Superspecial in  Auckland Domain starts at 18:08 so it can be enjoyed with your Weetabix at 06:08 on Friday morning

However, the afternoon stages in New Zealand take place in the dead of night here.

Stage five, for example, starts at 14:22 local time, that is 02:22 in this neck of the woods

Time to order in the coffee

Thursday night Irish time – Friday morning
Stage Name Local Time Kerry Time
SS1 Pukekawa Auckland Domain 18:08 06:08
SS2 Whaanga Coast 08:33 20:33
SS3 Te Akau South 10:11 22:11
SS4 Te Akau North 1 11:14 23:14
SS5 Whaanga Coast 2 14:22 02:22
SS6 Te Akau South 2 16:00 04:00
SS7 Te Akau North 2 17:03 05:03

Friday night Irish time – Saturday morning
SS8 Kaipara Hills 1 08:08 20:08
SS9 Puhoi 1 22.63 km 09:06 21:06
SS10 Komokoriki 1 10:14 22:14
SS11 Kaipara Hills 2 14:08 02:08
SS12 Puhoi 2 15:06 03:06
SS13 Komokoriki 2 16:24 04:24

Saturday night Ireland /Sunday morning
SS14 Whitford Forest – 10:32 22:32
SS15 Jacks Ridge 12:08 00:08
SS16 Whitford Forest -2 8.75 km 13:38
SS17 Jacks Ridge 2 15:18 03:18

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