WATCH: Video footage of Craig Breen and Paul Nagle on their Safari Rally adventure – five videos!

Five very different stage locations on the Saturday of the 2022 Safari Rally Kenya

SS8/11 Soysambu– 29.32kms

First video taken on SS8
This stage is now almost 12 km longer than in 2021 and will take in some interesting features along the 29km route, to include a compact spectator area near the start, rocky climbs, tricky fast runs, and the familiar sweeping sections before the two river crossings which lead to the
finish of the stage in the same location as 2021.

The second video was taken on SS11 and shows a very proud Irish mammy – Jackie Breen – waving the tri-colour and just 100 metres up from the first location

SS9/12 Elmenteita- 15.08kms

First video taken on the first run of the stage

The 15km stage was run in an opposite direction to 2021 – to
accommodate the need to allow Live TV crews the opportunity to capture the action in all its picturesque glory. Running as the day’s second and fifth stage – Elmenteita presented iconic imagery with it grey volcanic dust, lush lakeside vegetation and the promise of a clear blue sky reflected on the Lake surface.

The second video was taken jjust two kilometres from the first video

SS10/13 Sleeping Warrior- 23.05kms
In the shadow of a hill that resembles a sleeping Maasai warrior, the special stage crisscrosses the natural plains before a rocky finish. the Stage winds its way through the challenging rockery that provided some incredible images in 2021. Skirting the Sleeping Warrior Hill over the fast, flowing 23km through acacias and cattle grazing fields around the
numerous hills,

One visit to Sleeping Warrior, on the second loop, was taken just after a very heavy thunderstorm, but it shows contrasts in stage style,


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