What to expect at the Safari Rally over the next five days

What to expect at the Safari Rally over the next five days

Wednesday June 22

The Ndulele Conservancy off the Moi North Lake road will be the venue for the Shakedown from 1001hrs.

 The challenging 5.4kms of Kenyan rally tracks will see the first action of a WRC Rally1 car, in all its raw glory.

The first time the latest Hybrid-equipped Rally1 car will set foot on the African continent.

 Undulating tracks with varying surfaces through a wooded landscape will allow the crews to sample in minor what will be the 2022 WRC Safari Rally and their first feel of the spectacular challenge ahead.

Once the shakedown stage is completed the crews will make their way back down to Nairobi -some 90km away

The rally cares will be transported by road to the country’s capital while the crews will travel by team bus or car.

Thursday June 23

Thursday is a day of two halves.

The official Ceremonial Start will take place on the ground’s of the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi’s city centre. Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta will flag competitors at Thursday lunchtime.

Earlier in the day, the crews will attend a press conference and even earlier they will have recced the spectator stage on the city’s age.

From 14:08hris local time the first two cars will tackle the side-by-side Super Special at Kasarani.

These will be run in reverse seeding. Craig Breen will be paired with Elyvn Evans for the opening stage.

Once the crews complete the test they will face to long 90km road section  back to Naivasha’s service park. This is the main road that serves Tanzania to Uganda via Kenya.

The story goes that the Kenyan military and police close this very busy highway to allow the rally cars pass through unimpeded.

Friday June24 to Sunday June 27

The main event will take place in the Great Rift Valley, around Lake Naivasha and Elmenteita

with the Service Park being at the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS), Naivasha on the

main Nairobi to Nakuru Road.

Ahead lie 19 gruelling special stages around Lakes Naivasha and Elmenteita covering 363.44km before Sunday afternoon’s finish in Naivasha.

Long straight roads where speeds could top 200kph contrast with rocky rutted tracks that reduce cars to little more than walking pace.

The route teems with exotic wildlife including lions, leopards, giraffes, zebras and hippos.

And, to add to the excitement, thunderstorms are predicted during the four-day encounter.

If the forecasters are correct, rain could transform the dry sections into treacherous mudbaths in minutes.

Friday’s running consists of two passes each of Loldia (19.17km), Geothermal (11.68km) and Kedong (31.25km)

Two loops of Soysambu (29.32km), Elmenteita (15.08km) and Sleeping Warrior (31.04km) on Saturday make it the longest day of the event in terms of distance, totalling 150.88km

The rally concludes on Sunday with the crews twice tackling Oserian (17.93km), Narasha (13.30km) and Hell’s Gate (10.53km).

Info courtesy of Ford M-Sport , Hyundai Motorsport and FIA World Rally Championship press officers

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