Fassbender’s Le Mans

Hollywood A-lister and Fossa man Michael Fassbender deserves a lot of credit after finishing the 24 Hours of Le Mans last weekend.   

Fassbender was tackling the world’s toughest endurance race for the first time and the legendary event threw everything at him.  

He was involved in a high-speed crash during qualifying on Wednesday evening after a brake disc failed in his Proton Competition Porsche 911 RSR.   

Proton Competition (#93), Michael Fassbender (IRL)

His team worked around the clock to ensure the car he shared with Matt Campbell and Zach Robichon was ready for the Saturday afternoon start.   

The crew were running well inside the top 20 of the Amateur class when Fassbender was punted off the track by another driver at the high-speed Indianapolis corner just before midnight.  

He was able to extract the car from the gravel trap and return it to the pits where Proton Competition mechanics were able to repair the car. However, they lost several laps during the repair works and they re-joined in 22nd place in class.   

He was in trouble again, shortly after 2 am on Sunday morning.  

Le Mans: 24 Hours of Le Mans 2022

The back end of the Porsche appeared to break away and this resulted in a second visit his second visit to the gravel trap, this time on the approach to Dunlop Curves. He had to wait a long time before help arrived and he was able to re-join. He and his two teammates recovered to finish 16th class. The crew completed 329 laps of the 13km course over the 24 hours. Class winners TF Sport managed 343 over the same time period. 

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One thought on “Fassbender’s Le Mans

  1. I have been following the “Road to Le Mans”, and after a couple of seasons, it is impossible not to root for the guy, Fassbender is a humble and hard-working driver. I am happy he finished the race, it is a huge accomplishment for a rookie .


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