OFFICIAL: Craig Breen is better than Santa

OFFICIAL: Craig Breen is better than Santa

This is the story of two men called C Breen.

The Waterford version finished second in Rally Sardinia on Sunday at the wheel of his M-Sport Ford Puma RC1. It was a career best equalling result and matches his performances in Estonia and Belgium last year.

The second C Breen is from Dromahane, near Mallow, in County Cork.

Caolán Breen was on a family holiday to the Italian island last week and he was delighted to bump into his hero in the service park in Alghero on Friday.

Caolán has a hearing impairment but he won’t allow that to affect his quality of life.

Caolán’s parents had a chance meeting with Kerry rally fans Paul and Noreen Ahern and the Aherns; through Paul Nagle were able to set up the meeting on Friday.

His mother Denise takes up the story.

“Caolán’s heart rate didn’t return to normal for some time after the meeting. He was so excited and almost overwhelmed, it was incredible to see. Later in the day he spoke of how meeting Santa in Lapland a few years ago was fabulous but meeting Craig Breen today was better.

“I’m sure Craig would be delighted to know he has passed out the real Santa on Caolán’s popularity ladder

“Caolán suffers from a hearing loss but thankfully it doesn’t hold him back, albeit he sometimes misses out on things.

“But there was no missing out on his moment on Friday – no spoken words were needed – his emotional reaction told the full story!

“Of course, the icing on the cake is to congratulate Craig and Paul on their achievement in Sardinia, a great day for Irish Motorsport.”

“Caolán got a hat printed later with C. Breen on it. I think he’ll just go as C. Breen instead of Caolán for a while.”

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