Fisher leads International Rally of the Lakes overnight – all Kerry international competitors mentioned

The real rally begins tomorrow, the six stages on offer today served merely as starters for the main course of Molls Gap, Bealaghbeama Carragh Lake and Shanera  – all done twice – on Sunday.

Alistair Fisher and Gordon Noble hold a 7.7-second over Calum Devine and Noel O’Sullivan in a pair of Volkswagen Polo RC2s.

Fisher knows there is a big race on tomorrow.

“There is nothing else for it only go for it,” he told Kerry Motorsport News in Parc Ferme on Saturday evening. “We had a good day, there is not much in it and there has been tight racing all day,”

Local co-driver Noel O’Sullivan could become the second town resident to win the rally, three years after Paul Nagle came out on top.

“We had a great day, but tomorrow is a new rally, it is all to play for,” he said.

Third placed Josh Moffett said:” I am glad to get to the end of the day”

The Monaghan man won in Galway and West Cork, as well as winning all three rounds of the National Rally Championship to run so far this year, he won’t be going down without a fight.

Sixth place Daniel Cronin and Shane Buckley, despite both being Killarney and District Motor Club members, were on brand new territory on Saturday. Even harder to believe but Daniel will be facing for Beallaghbeama for the first-time ever tomorrow morning.

Seventh place Cathan McCourt and his KDMC co-driver Liam Moynihan are in much the same boat.

Liam reckoned they were well off the pace on Saturday. “How do explain it, Gortnagane was the same as 2019, most of Banard was the same as 2019, this his Cathan’s first time on these roads in an RC2 car.

O’Sullivan and Buckley are the only two Kerry co-drivers in the International rally. Co-driver Moynihan and driver Cronin are both Cork men but are members of KDMC.

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