VIDEO: Lorcan Hanafin – Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup season preview

Lorcan Hanafin – Racing alongside Formula 1 – Video

As the international pinnacle of the Porsche one-make cups, the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup is honoured to hold its eight Rounds per season as part of Formula 1 events at circuits including Monte Carlo, Monza or Spa-Francorchamps.

Lorcan Hanafin will make his debut in the category this weekend on Imola

Hear what he has to say before the weekend

This year, the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup kicks off on a circuit last visited in 2006. This means that most of the teams have very little race data on this track in the new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup – only what they collected at the official Season Test and other test events. It’s part of what is making the start to the season here particularly exciting.

The Porsche Supercup has a long history with the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari – not only because the first race of the international Porsche one-make cup was held here in 1993. It was in Imola, for example, that the current F1® Safetycar driver Bernd Mayländer won his first Porsche Supercup race in 1999. Incidentally, the first race winner in the new series was Uwe Alzen – one year later, he was crowned Supercup champion. The first champion’s title of the series in 1993 went to Altfrid Heger.
Finally, the Porsche Supercup is back! The drivers and teams are highly motivated to put on a spectacular season opening race – just as their predecessors did at the start of the series in 1993.

As usual, the line-up for the first race of the 2022 season is top-class. In addition to defending champion #25 Larry ten Voorde (GP Elite, NLD), three-time Supercup champion #4 Michael Ammermüller (SSR Huber Racing, GER) will also be on the grid. The new Porsche Junior #3 Laurin Heinrich (SSR Huber Racing, GER) is now driving in the Porsche AG racing suit.
The VIP car #911 has a new hand on the wheel:  the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, in special anniversary livery, will be driven by three-time Moto GP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo, completing the field of 33 starters.
Provisional Entry List* Round 1 Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, Imola
1Huber Racing (AUT)Morris Schuring⁴ (NLD)
2Huber Racing (AUT)Rudy van Buren (NLD)
3SSR Huber Racing (DE)Laurin Heinrich (DE)
4SSR Huber Racing (DE)Michael Ammermüller (DE)
5BWT Lechner Racing (AUT)Dylan Pereira (LUX)
6BWT Lechner Racing (AUT)Harry King (GBR)
7BWT Lechner Racing (AUT)Bastian Buus⁴ (DNK)
8FACH AUTO TECH (CHE)Alexander Fach⁴ (CHE)
9FACH AUTO TECH (CHE)Lorcan Hanafin⁴ (GBR)
10FACH AUTO TECH (CHE)Jukka Honkavuori (FIN)
11CLRT (BEL)Clément Mateu⁵ (FRA)
12CLRT (BEL)Marvin Klein (FRA)
13CLRT (BEL)Evan Spenle⁴ (FRA)
14Dinamic Motorsport SRL (ITA)Daniele Cazzaniga (ITA)
15Dinamic Motorsport SRL (ITA)Philipp Sager⁵ (AUT)
16Dinamic Motorsport SRL (ITA)Simone Iaquinta (ITA)
17Ombra S.R.L. (ITA)Loek Hartog⁴ (NLD)
18Ombra S.R.L. (ITA)Gianmarco Quaresmini (ITA)
19Martinet by Alméras (FRA)Dorian Boccolacci (FRA)
20Martinet by Alméras (FRA)Jaap van Lagen (NLD)
21Pierre Martinet by Alméras (FRA)Roar Lindland⁵ (NOR)
22Pierre Martinet by Alméras (FRA)Stéphane Denoual⁵ (FRA)
23Pierre Martinet by Alméras (FRA)Aaron Mason⁵ (GBR)
24Team GP Elite (NLD)Max van Splunteren (NLD)
25Team GP Elite (NLD)Larry ten Voorde (NLD)
26Team GP Elite (NLD)Jesse van Kuijk (NLD)
27GP Elite (NLD)Daan van Kuijk (NLD)
28GP Elite (NLD)Lucas Groeneveld (NLD)
29Ombra S.R.L. (ITA)Leonardo Caglioni³ (ITA)
30Fragus Motorsport (SWE)Pontus Fredriksson³(SWE)
31Fragus Motorsport (SWE)Hampus Eriksson³(SWE)
32Fragus Motorsport (SWE)Edvin Hellsten³(SWE)
911Porsche Motorsport (GER)Jorge Lorenzo⁶ (ITA)

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