Killarney sidecar racer Siobhan Ardener targets 2023 Isle of Man TT appearance

Killarney sidecar racer Siobhan Ardener targets 2023 Isle of Man TT appearance

Killarney sidecar race Siobhan Ardener is preparing to contest the 2023 Isle of Man TT as a passenger.

One of Ireland’s top sidecar passengers, she contested most of this year’s Dunlop Masters Irish Championship alongside Dubliner Fergus Woodlock on board an F1 sidecar.

However, ahead of the season finale last month she switched to an F2 machine alongside Paul Reck.

F2 sidecars are much smaller than the F1 machines that usually race in Mondello Park. They have 600cc engines compared to the 1000cc F1 machines and are the only type of sidecar allowed to compete on the closed road Isle of Man TT.

“I had to jump at the chance of being asked to passenger Paul Reck for the TT,” she said.

“At the last round of the season at Mondello, we both worked really well together and could both see each others potential.

“Unfortunately, we had to pull out of the last race due to potential engine issues but we both knew it was the right thing to do.”

Despite their misfortune last month, the pair have confirmed that preparations for the most famous bike race in the world will begin in earnest next season.

“The F2 will be my only focus from now on with the TT planned for 2023.

“We’re both straight with each other and know what we want to achieve so for me it is s a no brainer.

“I really like Paul’s attitude towards the racing, he is extremely determined, he listens and has a great racing background.

“Sidecar racing is a team effort. You both need to be on the same wavelength and with Paul, I know exactly where I stand so it is really confidence-inspiring.”

She sampled the bike, built by Limerick-based sidecar legend Mick Donovan at Mondello Park for the first time last month.

“It is a wicked little bike. I am very privileged to get a spin on it, it has actually been used over on the Isle of Man,” she added. And the coolest part is the chassis isn’t your usual type that is made across the water, it has all been made in Limerick by Mick Donovan hence its name the MDR Mick Donovan Racing F2.”

“We’ll also be going over to the Island shortly, doing laps and going through what is needed for Mountain course licences over at the Isle of Man.”

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