How many R5 cars (or similar) are in Ireland? – we crunched the numbers

Call them what you want, a R5 car, under FIA rules they compete in the RC Rally2 class.

Previously they were known as S2000s. Under Motorsport Ireland rules, some of these cars are built in right-hand-drive form only and they have their own unique class.

So based on published entry lists for the first few rallies in Ireland this year (The Galway International Rally, The Killarney Forestry, the Kirkistown Stages and the Fivemiletown Rally) and overseas events (Rallye Monte Carlo, Rally Sweden and Brands Hatch Rally) Kerry Motorsport News has crunched the numbers – these are the Irish drivers who have driven some sort of a R5 car before the end of February. Also added in, but not in order, are the Mayo Rally entrants and one from Portugal…

We have not included overseas entrants to Irish events.

We may have missed one or two.

We accept that some cars are out on hire and may be used numerous times by different drivers, We know there are a few more surprises to be revealed before Mayo and West Cork but if any club decided to run a rally for R5 cars only the unseeded entry list would look something like this.

A total of 60…

Aidan Wray                            Ford Fiesta R5

Alastair Fisher                        VW Polo

Barry Morris                          Ford Fiesta R5

Brendan Cumiskey                VW Polo

Brian Brogan                          Skoda Fabia

Cal McCarthy                         Citroen DS3R5

Callum Devine                       Ford Fiesta

Cathan McCourt                    Ford Fiesta R5 Rally 2

Conor McCrossan                  Fiesta R5 Rally

Daniel Cronin                         VW Polo

Darren Gass                           Citroen C3 R5

David Guest                           Ford Fiesta

David Kelly                              Ford Fiesta

Derek McGarrity                    Skoda Fabia r5 plus

Desi Henry                             Ford Fiesta

Donagh Kelly                         VW Polo GTI R5

Eamonn Boland                    Ford Fiesta Rally2

Enda O’Brien                          VW Polo GTI R5

Gareth Sayers                        Ford Fiesta R5

Garry Jennings                       Ford Fiesta

Ian Dickson                            Ford Fiesta R5

Jason McSweeney                 Ford Fiesta ST

Jason Mitchell                       Ford Fiesta R5 Rally 2

Jer O’Donovan                       Skoda S2000

Jonathan Greer                    Citroen C3 Rally 2

Jordan Hone                          Ford Fiesta R5

Joseph McGonigle                 Ford Fiesta R5

Josh McErlean                       Hyundai I20 R5

Josh Moffett                          Hyundai I20 R5

Keith Lyons                            Ford Fiesta R5

Mark Massey                         Ford fiesta

Michael McGarrity                Fiesta R5

Niall Henry                             Ford Fiesta

Ollie O’Donovan                    Hyundai i20 R5

Pat Kelly                                 Ford Fiesta

Patrick O’Brien                      Ford Fiesta R5

Paul Barrett                            Ford Fiesta R5

Paul Rowley                           Ford Fiesta

Pauric Sheridan                     Ford Fiesta R5

Peter Wilson                          Ford Fiesta R5

Phillip Allen                            Ford Fiesta R5

Sam Moffett Hyundai i20 R5

Shane Murray                        Ford Fiesta R5

Stephen McCann                   Ford Fiesta

Stephen Wright                    Ford Fiesta R5

Stuart Biggerstaff                   Ford Fiesta R5

Stuart Darcy                          Proton MEM S2500 Millington

Tim McNulty                          Ford Fiesta

PLus the Mayo entry list

David Careny                                      Ford Fiesta

Robert Barrable                                Volkswagen Polo

Niall Maguire                                     Ford Fiesta

Seamus Leonard                               Ford Fiesta

Sarah Purcell                                      Skoda Fabia

Colin O’Rourke                                  Volkswagen Polo

Sean Sharkey                                     Ford Fiesta S2000

Gareth Minnagh                               Ford Fiesta

Joe Connolly                                       Hyundai i20

Ian Graham                                         Ford Fiesta

Paul O’Brien                                       Ford Fiesta

Pauric Duffy (Portugal) Ford Fiesta

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