What happens in Galway (stays in Galway) ends up at the Killarney Forestry Rally

When Ollie Kierce and Kerry Motor Club’s Mikie Cleary were in the midst of enjoying the hospitality of the Connaught Hotel during the recent Galway International Rally they hatched a plan.

All great ideas are born in a pub and this was no different.

Mike cajoled his East Cork friend into entering the Killarney Forestry.

By the time Sunday’s wind and rain had swept away their Saturday night hangover it was too late.

By that stage a hire car had been booked, competition licences applied for and commitment given to the organising club.

But unlike most ideas born in a pub – this one is set to be carried out.  

They will be on the start line of the Irish Community Air Ambulance Rally on Sunday morning.

It will be a baptism of fire for the pair of them.

“I was only in woods twice, 2003 with Brendan Murphy and 2006 with Jimmy Devane in Nissan Sunny. Cork forestry both times,” explained Mike.

His driver has only driven on a handful of events but has Forestry Rallying experience from the opposite side of the car.

This is the car the lads are hiring from Noel Lappin

“Ollie drove in Clare Stages 2003, Limerick Single Stage and Cork Forestry,” added Mike. “He navigated in the woods plenty of times with Bob Benskin and on tar with Donal O’Connor and Bob Moran.”

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