Cyril Wharton to drive and sponsor Killarney Forestry Rally as he prepares for his four-wheel-drive debut

Killarney Forestry Rally joint sponsor Cyril Wharton is to make his four-wheel-drive rally debut on the February 20 event.

Cyril has recently taken delivery of a Subaru Impreza especially for the rally and has coaxed co-driver Donal Falvey out of retirement for the six-stage event.

The rally is being run to raise funds for the Irish Community Air Ambulance based in Rathcool County Cork.

Cyril, through his company C.Wharton Tool Hire has lent his support to the event, along with Niall Murphy of Castleisland Tyre Centre.

He was involved in the organisation side of the 2006 Killarney Forestry Rally, the penultimate time the event ran and, like everyone in the area, has a lot of respect for the work the Irish Community Air Ambulance does.

Cyril got involved in the revived event as he wanted to support the work of the ambulance.

“I wanted to get on board and try and get this event back up and running again,” he said.

“It is part of the air ambulance so there was no problem rowing in and getting behind it.”

The Impreza arrived only last week.

“This was a deal done at 11.30 at night, it was a bit of madness,” he added. “Forestry is a big passion of mine. I did a good few events in 2008 and 2009 and totally enjoyed it.  I want to give this event a go, first time out in a long time so I will be taking it handy on this one.”

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