Fundraiser for Kerry Motor Club’s James Quinlan who faces substantial medical bills in New York

James Quinlan, originally from Waterville, in south Kerry is currently in an Intensive Care Unit in a Manhattan hospital after suffering a major brain haemorrhage on December 19.

James was a hugely popular member of Kerry Motor Club between 1994 and 2001 and rallied a Ford Escort MK2 at that time.

He moved to New York 17 years and now the 47-year-old needs our help.  

As a member of Kerry Motor Club, James rallied the length and breadth of Ireland in his MK11 Escort he rallied by the seat of his pants and on a shoestring budget – we’ll save the stories for James to tell & there are some stories to tell!!!

He moved to New York from Waterville for an adventure 17 years ago and has lived, worked, and loved his life there ever since.

James is the most kind, considerate, fun-loving character. A lad who would never leave anyone in need. He is a man who has asked for so little, has always given to whoever needed… so we now want to ask on behalf of James.

This fundraiser is being organised by Kerry Motor Club’s Siobhán Lynch and James’s sister Karina Quinlan.

James Quinlan with his co-driver Donal Lynch during a Top Part West Coast Championship awards do in the Brandon Hotel before he emigrated to the USA

100% of this funding will go towards James’s medical cost and future rehabilitation.

James Journey so far:

Fortunately, James had immediate medical assistance, but he slipped into a coma, was intubated to assist with breathing and was diagnosed with a significant brain haemorrhage.

He was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of Lenox Hill Acute Care Hospital in Manhattan where after CT’s and a cerebral angiogram assessed the extent of the bleed.

It was here they found three more aneurysms. Due to the outstanding medical team, three coils were placed within the brain to help stop the bleed. A brain catheter to drain the blood/ excess fluid and to aid in the reduction of swelling. Along with the administration of a series of medications to assist in stabilising James.

On  Christmas Eve, James regained consciousness, breathing unassisted and was able to move extremities on demand. James recognises familiar voices and spoke asking for his family members.

James remains in intensive care, under heavy sedation to maintain stability and his progress has been extremely strong, so we are hopeful for a steady recovery.

We’re asking for your help!

While the doctors take care of his immediate care and apply plans for his treatment when he leaves the Intensive Care Unit we aspire to gather the funding required to get James the best care available.

Regardless of the route they plan, the cost will be substantial.

Time is extremely valuable, we do not have an exact cost for James’s care as it depends on the treatment plan and James staying stable, but we really need your support.

Please consider contributing to James Quinlan’s Journey to Recovery Go Fund Me.

Thank you very much

for whatever you can give, as we keep you up to date with James’s Journey.

On behalf of James’ parents Eddie and Peggy, his siblings, Gary, Adrian, Laura and Karina, your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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