Irish Community Air Ambulance to benefit from rally programme sales at Moriarty’s Centra Farranfore

For every rally programme bought at Moriarty’s Centra Farranfore, a donation will be made to the Irish Community Air Ambulance.

Established in 2008,  the Irish Community Air Ambulance. Was originally developed as a ground service with volunteers to support local communities in times of emergencies.

 Building on experience with the network of Volunteer Doctors and Rapid Response Vehicles, Irish Community Air Ambulance successfully launched Ireland’s first dedicated and charity funded Air Ambulance on the 30th July 2019.

Based out of North Cork, Irish Community Air Ambulance (callsign Helimed92) is an asset of the National Ambulance Service and responds to the most serious trauma and medical emergencies when tasked. In its first full 12 months of service, nearly 500 missions were tasked.

The service does not receive government funding and so we rely heavily on the fundraising efforts of our dedicated supporters – but rally fans can support this vital service by buying an official rally programme in Moriarty’s Centra Farranfore in the run-up to the rally.


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